2 weeks of Erasmus

So I’ve officially been in France for two weeks now and I feel like I’ve settled into my routine okay, well as much of a routine as you can have with a week full of intensive French grammar and oral work.

 The first week was a bit daunting as I realised that I didn’t actually know as much French as I have led myself to believe, and I will admit that there have been times when I feel like I can’t actually cope with the pressure of having to understand a completely different language and still try and make new friends. That has managed to lessen up quite a bit when I was put into my FLE class on Monday. Everyone in there is so nice and friendly and it didn’t take long for us to start talking. I’ve made friends with a really lovely girl called Jenny from Bremen in Germany and we have both decided to go to Paris, Versailles and Mont St Michel together. Unfortunately, this means that I will have less money to spend whilst here as I keep using it all to travel to different places.

The FLE classes haven’t been what I expected at all! They were quite enjoyable, although I’m not a huge fan of having to talk in front of groups of people. Unluckily for me, this was picked up on by my teacher and she thought it was because I found the work difficult. It was really difficult to try and explain to her that it was mainly because I hate talking in front of people and have a problem with my confidence and not because the French wasn’t to my standard. I did have to take a test to get put into that class so I don’t know how it could be that the work was too advanced. However, I am now going to strive to be more talkative in the class if only to prove that I am more than capable of the level that I have been given.

I’ve actually noticed, that there tends to be a lot more Italian and German people in the ERASMUS scheme than I would have thought. And my class is pretty much full up of them, however they are all really lively people and the Italians seem like they enjoy having fun and having a night out. I just hope that I will be able to join them at some point as I live too far away to be able to go on a proper night out at all, I’ll need to find a friendly person who will be willing to put me up for the night!

Everything about Lille is pretty amazing, but the beggars become very tedious very quickly. And the dodgy internet connection is also starting to drive me mad! I don’t know how I’m going to cope with this for the next 3 months but I guess I’m going to have to as I can’t leave this house now, but I wish there was some way that I could improve the speed and the connectivity of it.

However, I think I’ve been putting of my homework (choose an essay title and think of some ideas for it, bleugh!) for too long.

Lauren x

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