Timetables, y u no make sense?

Okay, so this week was the first proper week of lectures (I know, no more lazing around with nothing to do!) So last week we all went to find out what lectures we could do and when and then we completely ignored it until yesterday. And boy should we not have done that!

We sat down and went through everything that we could do and it turns out that having 7 groups for some of the courses was not beneficial. We struggled through, trying to write everything down, for an hour or so or maybe more until we finally realised that we were never going to be able to get a decent looking timetable. And to top it all off we had found out that we have, yes HAVE, to take at least 6 credits from the UFR Angellier which is basically the learning of English department. Now, I don’t know about you but we thought that was pretty daft but when we mentioned it to the International Relations team at Lille we were just told that we would have to do it. So now, at 9am tomorrow I will be sitting in a class writing in English (I don’t know how that will improve my French).

Luckily, we realised that we could just go to each individual department and ask them for help with what we have to do. As we are Erasmus students, we don’t even need to stay in the same group to take a module. Huzzah! However, I still have 7 hours of Spanish on a Thursday so perhaps I shouldn’t be celebrating so soon.

Lauren x

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