Bowling and Tickets

This week has been rather uneventful. I was stranded in my house on Monday due to the fact that the door handle broke and I didn’t know how to leave, but luckily my house mates figured it out and I was able to enjoy myself in the fresh air on Tuesday night. This was rather fortunate as our corsets have arrived for our halloween party. They look amazing and I am so excited for the party now although I think I am going to be knackered after travelling back from Mont St Michel the day before.

We went bowling on Wednesday and although I didn’t win, I didn’t come last either (which is always an achievement for me)! I even got over 70 points and I started the game with a strike but obviously my luck went downhill from then. Also, my team won overall even though we had one less player, so it was a rather impressive night. I am really hoping that I will be able to go back at some point before we leave as you can get a full meal and a game of bowling for €15.50 which is cheaper than trying to buy food in most restaurants around here.

I have also booked tickets to visit Ryan in just under two week’s time. I’m really excited for it as I haven’t seen him since the day I left to come here and it’s strange to not have the same amount of contact (talking, texting etc) as can happen at home. It will be quite nice to visit Germany as I have never been before and it can be one more thing to cross of my lists of places to go. I’m also glad that I have finally managed to organise a date to go and see him as I don’t know when I would get the change to do so otherwise.

I’ve finally finished my revised dissertation proposal and I hope that it is okay and that I don’t have to make any more revisions to it as I would much rather just get on with the research aspect of it now but first I need to find somewhere to get some books from so I can do some research. Unfortunately, I don’t have my student card yet so I can’t use any of the university libraries. It is such a pain as I really want to get as much of it done before I have to leave!

I am going to try and update this more often as I am sorry for the lack of updates and posts. However, I have finally done more posts than before in a month! Yes, one record broken.

Lauren x

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  1. Nice to know how you're getting Lauren, shame you can't just phone your poor old mum :p

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