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Just a side note before I actually start, I am currently in the process of making a new vlog and updating my youtube channel every week so if anyone wants to check it out I shall leave you this link to my first little vlog: It’s not great but it’s a start.

Anyway, I’ve not mentioned much in the past few weeks and I apologise profusely for this. The first weekend in October was the opening of what is know as “Lille 3000” or “Fantastic”. This is a really huge cultural festival which lasts from the 6th October until mid January. I was really pleased to be a part of it and the atmosphere was amazing! The only downside was the rain. The picture at the side is the mascot of the parade each year. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to take a lot of pictures but I did take some really good videos which I am hoping to upload to youtube at some point soon, especially after a bit of editing and joining together. I’m not sure how long the parade actually lasted for but I’m sure that we were stood waiting for it to reach us for around an hour, in the rain. As I’m sure you can guess, it wasn’t that fun and we were soaked by the time it finished.

Luckily, or unluckily, for me this wasn’t the only thing of Lille 3000 that I have seen. My FLE teacher booked us a guided tour around Tripostal, which is an art museum. All of the exhibits were done for festival and I have to say that some of them were awfully disturbing. I don’t see why anyone needed to create life-like skeletons that looked like they still had muscle tissue attached to them. I don’t understand art like that. I know it is meant to freak people out but there really is no point to it. My favourite part, however, was a little darkened room that had a train go round a track with a light on it. It played a little film out on the walls as it moved along the track. I thought that was really creative, probably the most thought out piece of work.

The following week was rather uneventful and there wasn’t really much going on. Although this weekend, me and the Bangor girls went to Amsterdam! It was a really fun, but tiring day to the Netherlands. And yet again it rained on us, we really aren’t having much luck with the weather. We took a canal boat around the city, that we could hop on and off of all day, and saw a few of the sites. Unfortunately, as everything is quite expensive to do we didn’t get to do much. We found the flower market and had a look at all the stores and I even managed to get a sneaky picture of some clogs (right). Seriously though, how cool are they? Although I can’t imagine that they would be really comfy to wear.

We found a few cheese shops that were giving out tasters, so it’s safe to say that we ate our fair share as we visited each different one. The strange thing is that they also sold cheese but I don’t think that flavoured cheese and chocolate is a great combination. We found a Christmas shop next to the market and decided to venture in there. Amy ended up buying 2 Christmas decorations which were quite cute but I’m not sure what she is going to do with them for the next few weeks.

I really enjoyed Amsterdam but I think that I need more time and money before I decide to head back there, but I am determined to go back there at some time.

Hopefully you will be seeing a vlog from me soon

Lauren x

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