What a weekend!

I’ve had an absolutely mental weekend! It may not seem like a lot was done but I can’t believe I’m still standing (I’m pretty sure some other people are thinking the same thing)!

Well Friday, was a pretty normal day until I decided that I was going to go out with Sasha, Alice and Rachel as Rachel was leaving today and I wouldn’t get to see her again for a while otherwise! So we went to our favourite place “Le Zepplin” for a few cocktails. however, instead of buying cocktails we decided to get a litre of the drink we wanted. I finished mine in record time and then felt sick from how cold it, how fast I’d drunk it and the amount of sweet I’d been given with my drink. Safe to say I sat still for a while and let my stomach calm down. The original idea of the night was to go and have a few drinks and then get the last metros back as I was going to Versailles yesterday and Sasha had to pick Phil up from the coach stop.

Unfortunately, or not so unfortunately, we were joined by our lovely friends Lisa, Lynn, Cliodhna and Helen and I was convinced to go out properly for the night. I say convinced but it really didn’t take much, I’d been wanting a good night out dancing for a while! So I headed off with them at around midnight to Shooters, a wonderful little bar that lets you dance on tables and the bar! So I danced on a table for about an hour and a half and then we headed to Smile. Smile is one of the best clubs in Lille, although I’ve only been to two but that is the general consensus. There are two main dance floors and each are on separate levels. I spent the rest of the night switching between floors trying to find the best music. Luckily we headed back upstairs as the cheesy music came on and I danced to Spice Girls! I think my dancing skills must have made some girls feel inferior though as they came up beside me and try to dance as slutty as they could. It was a bit pathetic but a bit funny at the same time.

We left at around half 4 to go and find some food and the only place that was open was a little restaurant opposite the Rihour metro stop. The food was actually really good but I’ve decided that a lot of cheese in the morning when you haven’t slept isn’t the greatest idea so I might wait until it’s like meal time to try it again. After we’d paid I had to make my way to Pont de Bois (the stop closest to the uni) and wait until the coach turned up. I wish I could have gone home first to change but unfortunately I couldn’t! I was lucky enough to have taken a big bag out with me so that I didn’t have to worry about not having anything important with me.

Versailles was amazing! Even though I wanted to fall asleep as I walked around the Palace listening to an audio guide. It was nice to be able to look at something like that and look at all the paintings that were there. In on of the rooms you could see that some paintings needed restoring as there was masking tape over certain areas and it makes you wonder, just how many times old paintings like that have had to be restored and if we are even looking at the original work of art any more?

 I wandered all of the palace and then I went outside to take a turn around the “garden”. I don’t think it can accurately be described as a garden as it was huge! It’s so big that there are two other little palaces and even a hamlet on the lands! That is seriously messed up! I did walk though them though and at the bottom there is a little canal where you can hire a boat. I didn’t do that as I thought it would be a little bit pointless, I did however decide to buy a panini but it wasn’t that great. The bread was nice and toasted but the insides were still cold. I really can’t wait to get back to Bangor and have a decent panini again!

I visited to two little palace-esque buildings which were owned by Marie Antoinette and it was described as a kind of holiday home. It was a little strange to see a holiday home on the grounds of their actual home, but who am I to question the minds of long dead royals? I also took some photos of myself in Marie Antoinette’s mirror, that’s how cool I am. My camera unfortunately ran out of battery as I reached the little hamlet so I didn’t get to take any good pictures of it but it was so quaint and pretty.

I was so glad to finally return home though last night and I slept all night and until midday today. I deffs don’t think I will be doing that again and especially not next week when I’m going to Disneyland! I am so excited for that and I’m hoping I will take my camcorder with me so I can just run around making videos and being overly excited 😀 I don’t even know if I’ll spend the day with anyone if I run off too fast, so I may have to try and curb myself somehow!

Lauren 🙂 x

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