La vida salmantina

 I’ve been here for quite a few weeks and I’ve only just begun to have classes and it seems strange to think that the first week of lectures is finally over. I will admit that I was dreading the first week  as I thought that my Spanish wouldn’t be good enough to sit through the lectures and understand what was being said around me, but I was amazed to find that I was wrong. I’ve always thought that French was my stronger language but this week has made me question that. I remember my first week in Lille and how I barely understood what was going off in some of the classes (histoire de la langue for instance, never understood what he was saying!) But I have been able to follow the majority of all my classes with very little problems, the only problems that have arisen are for technical terms that I don’t even know in English, so all in all a great success!

I’ve had very little problems regarding my timetable. I’ve had it pretty much sorted since I got here but there have been slight problems like finding out some classes were cancelled or that some weren’t as interesting as they first appeared. However, I think that I may have got a finalised copy of it! *cue triumphant fanfare* Although I just have one class left that I want to try out before I decide on it completely. Also, I get Fridays free again so I’m not doing too bad although I can tell that this will mean that I won’t get Fridays free at all next year.

Everything is settling itself down okay and I’m starting to get into a routine with my life, but I still need to work on my waking skills. I’ve not really done much in the way of going out and meeting people this week, but I did make a pancake video with Chrissie, and for those of you who haven’t watched it you should check it out! And I went to see the football match between Real Madrid and Manchester United, no I wasn’t actually in Madrid but I did watch it in a bar. It was quite entertaining although I’m sure that Chrissie and Emma didn’t realise how annoyed I would get when I watched it. I’m not overly bothered about football unless I watch a match and then I start to get annoyed with the stupid behaviour of refs and players!

Chrissie and I have organised a trip to Bologna for the first weekend in May so that we can see Toby and spend some time in Italy! It will be fun as I haven’t really done that much travelling whilst on my year abroad. I’m not counting all the university trips from last semester as I didn’t get to explore for too long. So I’m hoping that Bologna will be exciting, I already know that it entails a full night in Barajas airport, that’s going to be the highlight of the trip I can tell. Also, we’re thinking of going to see Muse play in Porto! We were thinking of going to Barcelona but the flights are stupidly expensive!

There’s not much more to tell about my life currently so I shall leave it at that.

Hasta la fuego 😉

Lauren x

PS, here is the pancake video 😉

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