Where has the time gone?

I’m currently recording/editing a video that isn’t about my year abroad so I thought I’d post a blog update for everyone 🙂

I’ve been in Spain for over two weeks now and I think I’m finally getting used to the area. There are two little shops which are 10 minutes away from my flat where I can buy pretty much everything I need but if I want to walk for an extra 5 minutes I can get to the big Carrefour which has a plethora of items. But I mainly just go to browse through all the Spanish books that they have to offer. I reckon if I go there too often I will end up buying more books than I need but so far I have managed to control myself.

I’ve walked around a bit of Salamanca and have found the plaza mayor and with the help of a lovely girl called Toni I know where all the most important places are in the university so hopefully I won’t get too lost when I begin to look for lectures. But, knowing me it will still happen anyway. I’ve already figured out my timetable for Salamanca so I won’t have the problem of walking into a lecture a few weeks too late and asking if I can join the class. My only problems is that I’m not sure which year of the class to take so I’m going to have to go to a few more than necessary to decide.

I tried to register at the university at some point last week (I can’t remember which day exactly)  but I was told I can’t register until I choose my modules and I can’t choose my modules until after the 6th February so not overly happy as I wanted to be able to use the library and try and write some of my dissertation. I am obviously the coolest kid in school…

On the plus side, all of my flatmates have now moved in and they are a lovely bunch of people. However, I don’t get much chance to speak to the Spanish girl as she has exams and spends a lot of time out of the flat revising, but hopefully once the new semester starts she will be around more often. One girl, Emma, is from York but studies at Sheffield Uni (uni of, not Hallam for those interested). She is really nice and it’s nice to talk to someone who is from “home”, meaning both England and the North! The other girl, Laurel, is also really nice. She’s from America, Missouri to be more precise and she has been here since the previous semester and has a Spanish boyfriend so she is quite fluent at the moment. I’m hoping that I can become almost as fluent as she is now before I leave but I think it will mean sitting and learning vocabulary when I have some free time as I know that is my biggest downfall.

Classes don’t start until Monday, but I have to go to a meeting tomorrow to listen to the Erasmus co-ordinator talk about something to us. I’m not entirely sure what it is for but I’m guessing I will find out soon enough. And I need to take notes so that Chrissie can know what is going off as she doesn’t arrive until tomorrow evening.

I don’t think there is much else to say at the moment, but I’m sure once things get started and I have the chance to explore other places that I will have much more to say 😀

Hasta luego

Lauren x

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