A Brief Introduction

Hey everyone, I’m Lauren and this is my blog. Wow, what a great first impression there! Anyway, this is just a quick introduction to my blog to let everyone know what it’s about. As you can probably guess by the name this is where I will be reviewing many things, and I don’t want to limit myself to just one genre so expect a whole range of interests to be talked about. I am a final year university student so this is a way for me to have some time to myself and it means I will get to do something other than study for a change! But it does also mean that I may not be able to stay as consistent as I would otherwise like to.

My first review is nearly ready to put up but it needs to have a few tweaks to it yet. I am wanting to post at least once a week but I am hoping to have a few posts ready for the world to read in the next couple of weeks as I want a nice collection before my revision period starts.

If anyone wants to recommend anything for me to review then feel free to, but I do have an extensive list already so it may take a while.

You can find me in these web hangouts (let’s chat, I promise I won’t ignore you 😀 )


Until next time,


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