Empire Earth Review

So today I’ve gone for one of my favourite games.  Yes it is a simplistic game and also really old! But that doesn’t stop me from sitting and playing it for hours at a time. I am of course talking about Empire Earth (as the title so lovingly points out). Released in 2001 the graphics are what you’d expect them to be but that doesn’t hinder any of the game play and in my opinion it actually endears it to me. Also, you will be quoting the game for the rest of your life once you’ve played this game!
A pretty simple game to play and learn. You are one team (normally blue) and you have to wipe out the computer AI (normally red). This is done by levelling up your civilization from a cavemanesque era to that of a futuristic robot stage. As I said it is quite simple but you have to be able to reason out a proper strategy. However, it can take quite a few hours to go through all the different stages before you are as advanced as you can be but don’t let that put you off as it means that you get to enjoy yourself by building up your own little civilisation and caring for your people. Just don’t be too disheartened if your scout dogs are killed by enemy troops, you can mourn all 55 rovers once you’ve won!
I really enjoy the game but unfortunately it becomes seemingly impossible once you try to play it on anything other than the easiest setting, but perhaps it just means I’m not as good as I thought? Although after having spoken to some friends (who are pretty good at games) it seems that this is just a flaw within in the game design itself, so if you do play the game and manage to defeat the computer on that setting let me know and I will be forever in your awe! Despite this, I would definitely recommend this game to anyone but perhaps wouldn’t want to use the online possibility with them.
Rating: 4/5 stars

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