An Important Announcement

Hello again everyone! This isn’t what I wanted to talk about after the chronicles of my holiday to Tenerife but I believe that it is more urgent and needs to be addressed before my other mini break that I wanted to talk about.

Last week, Tuesday 16th September, I received an email from the British Council offering me a place in Madrid to work in a Secondary School there. Now for anyone who knows me in real life or who follows me on Twitter or Youtube you will know that this is something that I really wanted to do. I’ve wanted to work as a language assistant since I was 14 and we had a French speaker come to our school to help us practice our French. To be honest, when I first saw the email I thought it was them telling me that there were no positions and that I should apply for the next academic year so when I saw that it was offering me a job I didn’t know what to do.

The first thing I did was to pace my bedroom whilst trying to decide what to do and eventually I rang up my mum to talk to her about it. Normally I would have made the decision on my own but I wanted to make sure that accepting the job would be the right thing for me to do. My mum was really happy for me and told me to go for it as it was what I wanted to do anyway. The shock of the situation made me nearly cry whilst I was on the phone and for the first time in my life I understood why people cry when they hear good news. I have never been that shocked by anything before in my life.

The reason I haven’t spoken much about it before is because I was worried that I would wake up the day afterwards and find out that they didn’t really have a place for me and I would be stuck in Madrid with nothing to do; as I’d already book my flight there. But yesterday, I received my nombramiento, the document which has my school on, and I was feeling more excited to go. It is so strange for me even now to think that I will be off to Madrid in 5 days for the rest of the year. I honestly didn’t think I’d be living in Europe again for a while and I still can’t get my head around this change in my life plans. Don’t get me wrong I’m really excited and happy but I just can’t believe it.

Now that I have informed you of this then I will start getting myself ready in regards to getting my clothes together and finding a suitcase I can use so I can start to pack my life away again. And hopefully the next post will be back to normal but now you can await more blogs from my life away in Europe once again 😀

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

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