Tenerife Travels: Part 2

So I left off last time with the boat trip I went on and how I’d see things that I hadn’t seen before. Now this wasn’t the only time that this happened to me on this trip.

The very next day we went to the Loro Parque which is on the other side of the island and takes around 1 and half to 2 hours to travel there. It would probably be a lot quicker if you could go straight through the middle of the island but unfortunately the mountain roads aren’t really safe for a coach full of tourists. But on the up side it does give you the chance to see the scenic coastal view of the island. I’d only been to the Loro Parque once before and I didn’t really know what we would be doing. For clarification, the Loro Parque is a zoo that raises money for various conservation efforts but it does tend to mainly focus on the stabalisation of parrots (loro being parrot in Spanish.)

Since my last visit there they had added some new animals to their park and I was able to see Orcas perform in their own show. I’ve never had the chance to see an Orca before so I was really excited to see the size of them in person as it is quite difficult to judge their size on a TV screen. As I’d gone with my family my little sister decided where we were to sit and that ended up being in the splash zone. I thought that this would be the area where the audience became slightly wet due to some of the tricks causing the water to surge over the edge of the tank. But in actual fact, the tricks were designed to drench the audience and my sister, my mum and myself ended up walking around for the rest of the day in soaking wet clothes.

The best part about this show was the fact that I managed to catch the Orca splashing us right in the face and I put it into my youtube video that I made about this holiday. I was really happy in a weird way that this happened because not many people would have been able to catch that as they wouldn’t have been trying to film the size of the Orca for future reference.

The rest of the day went really well. We went to the dolphin show where we were also taught about the differences between male and female dolphins and then given some information about the conservation efforts that the park uses to help the local wildfire. We also just walked around the rest of the park and saw the majority of the other animals and I took loads of photos. However, the best part of the day must have been when I ordered the food for the rest of my family. Because I studied Spanish at university I always get put forward to find out all the information or order the food. But this time, the waitress was that amazed at my effort into trying to use Spanish (I still feel weird saying that I can speak it properly) that I got a free bottle of water. I knew learning languages would be good for me but I didn’t know I would receive this sort of benefit!

After a full couple of days, we had a relaxing day on the next day. My mum, my sister, my Nan and I went for a walk around the coast and ended up at this little fishing village called La Caleta. It took us around 3 hours to walk but we stopped frequently to look in the rock pools and to also look for the lizards that hide amongst all the rocks. It was a really lovely walk around the edge of the coast and I walked by the Castle in Tenerife that is owned by a member of the royal family. I was a little shocked to walk past it as I didn’t even know there was a castle in Tenerife until this year. I did look at it a little wistfully though as it is a beautiful building and set upon a cliff next the ocean, I wish I could own something as wonderful as that.

We didn’t stay for La Caleta too long as we needed to get back to get ready for our big meal out to say goodbye to my Nan as it was her last night there. However, whilst we were there we saw something very unexpected. We were stood looking out into the “shallows” of the inlet and all of a sudden my mum shouted “Oh my god, there’s a turtle!” It was the first time that my mum had ever seen a turtle in the waters there and it really made her day. Unfortunately, I ruined the day somewhat by being my usual silly self and falling over on one of the broken tiles. I felt really stupid and I will admit I cried but I think it was more due to shock than anything else as there wasn’t too much pain. The most unfortunate thing about this is that my knee is still a little badly bashed up now and I think I might have done some slight damage to the knee cap; I should probably head to a doctors at some point to check it out.

So that’s the rest of my first week. The next exciting installment should be up in a few days!

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

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