Tenerife Travels Part 3

So last time I left off with the trip to La Caleta and my stupidity at falling over. I’m still a little embarrassed by what happened but there’s not much that I can do about it now.

My Nan left on the Saturday so in the morning we headed to the market before she went so she could pick up a few items to take home with her. I love going to the markets as I like being able to look at all the things they have on offer but unfortunately I am one of those people who tends to be sucked in by all the novelty items but I now know that I get this from my Mum and Nan. We ended up coming home with this fancy little grater/peeler thing. And the most surprising thing is that we use it on quite a regular basis.

Once my Nan had left we had a more relaxing time as we didn’t need to try and plan so much stuff in such a short amount of time. Mainly because we had done everything that we really wanted to. On the Sunday we went out for a Sunday Roast and I have to say that it was probably one of the nicest roasts I’ve had from a restaurant. Afterwards my little sister felt ill so my Step-Dad took her back to the appartment whilst my Mum and myself went to the harbour to have a look at the fish and see if we could find anything more interesting in the water. What was surprising for us was that all the predators had come out from their hiding and they just in the middle of the water. It was nice to be able to see them fully for a change but I was a little disappointed that they were unable to catch a fish for tea. It gave me an appreciation for all the wildlife photographers and cameramen who must sit and wait for hours to see something valuable. But that was the most exciting part of the evening. We ended up at the very end of the harbour when four guys who were cleaning one of the boats down started shouting to us in Spanish asking if we wanted to go out with them for the evening. My Mum was pretty happy as he kept on calling us “chicas”. Suffice to say that we didn’t go with them, it would have been a little too unfair to leave Simon on his own with Taryn for that amount of time.

Before we left I used up the last of the bread we had (for feeding the fish) by throwing it to the crabs which led me to create my new sport! I noticed that if you threw bread to crabs that they would fight each other for it if there was more than one in that area. How did I find that out? Well, I may or may not have been trying to throw the bread at the crabs…. In my defense I wanted to see their reaction and I was not disappointed.

After the escapade of throwing bread at crabs and being asked out by a group of men. We went back to the appartment so we could have an earlyish night before we had another walk to La Caleta but without any more falling incidents. It was a pleasant day walking there and it took us nowhere near as much time as it did when we walked with my Nan. Unfortunately we didn’t see another turtle but it was still a really great day and I didn’t even fall over! Success!

The Tuesday we managed to drag ourselves out of bed before 7am so that we could get ready to go to Siam Parque, one of the water parks on the island. I’d never been before as it was built and opened during the 7 year gap of my visits. But the rest of my family had. My little sister was very excited to go back as she was now tall enough to go on most of the rides and she was expecting me to go with her. I don’t know why she had this strange idea though as I am a massive wimp and not really fond of most rides! I did, however, behave like a good big sister and take her on a couple of rides but I did have to go down the slides with my eyes closed so I couldn’t see how high we had actually gone.

Apart from the terrifying slides I had a great time. The wave machine on their fake beach was so much fun but there were far too many people not paying attention to anyone but themselves. One person decided it would be great to ride the wave and knock Taryn over and then another person tried to do the same to me but I saw them and I may or may not have held my arm out so they were pushed into that and jolted instead of knocking me over. I know it may sound like an extreme reaction but the lack of respect that people had shown in that area was ridiculous and by the end of the day I’d had enough.

The last couple of days of the holiday was more relaxed and we just spent time either lounging by the pool or going to the beach. It was a really lovely holiday and I’m glad that I was able to go again. But whilst I was there I constantly wondered what it would be like if I had gone with friends instead of family. I’ve never been away properly with friends and now I’m eager to find out.

Hasta la fuego

Lauren x

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