Spain, why are you so complicated?

So it’s Wednesday and I have officially worked for 3 days. I’m still not really sure what I am meant to be doing but this week is just me introducing myself to the classes I will be teaching. So far it’s going okay and everyone seems to ask the same questions over and over again. It makes my life easier though as it means I can think about it in the first class but be able to give the answer in all the other classes; if only school had been that easy!

So far the students seem really impressed with some of the answers I have given: I had a round of applause for liking meatballs; one guy nearly couldn’t contain his emotions when I said my favourite film was The Nightmare Before Christmas; and the general consensus that Game of Thrones is the best book/tv programme to like. However, I have still had the inevitable question of whether or not I have a boyfriend, as if I would be dating a 14/15/16 year old anyway?! And whether or not I like Spanish food. I am a little surprised at how easy this is at the moment. I know it’s just introductions but the majority of the classes seem genuinely interested and curious. but I’m guessing this is more to do with the fact that they won’t have to do any book work whilst I’m there that day. To be honest, I can’t blame them. Some of the book activities can be pretty boring, I remember hating them as well.

My only problem now is trying to think of ways that I can engage the classes in English but also making it fun for them. For me, this has always included songs and video clips that are easy to understand but now I’m going to have to try and fit it into the curriculum and also make sure that it is age appropriate. But I feel like that will be the easiest thing for me to do over the next few weeks.

So in other parts of my life I still haven’t been able to sort out all the administration that needs to be done for my time in Madrid. First of all, I don’t have a bank account. Secondly, I don’t have my NIE or national insurance number. And finally, I haven’t registered as an inhabitant in the town. However, I can’t do two of these things without my NIE and I can’t get that until I go to my appointment.

Now it might seem easy enough to book this appointment but after having booked mine and it being on Friday I’m starting to worry that I’ve booked in for the wrong thing. Everyone else had been complaining at the amount of time it had been taking to get these appointments and I managed to get mine for 3 days time. I really hope that I’ve done it right but I can’t help think I’ve done something seriously wrong. I asked a few of my friends what they thought and one of them said it was the wrong place, another said it didn’t sound but two others had done the same as me so I’m just going to go to the appointment and hope for the best. Bu first I need to find a form/receipt so that I can pay for the number before I go to the appointment. That sounds pretty straight forward but I don’t know where to get this receipt from so I will be spending most of this evening and tomorrow trying to find out.

Another major problem that I had over the weekend was trying to find a Yoigo shop. Now for those of you that don’t know, Yoigo is a mobile phone company and my phone that I bought in Salamanca was linked to that company. Unfortunately I blocked my SIM and couldn’t unlock it so I needed to buy a new one. You would have thought it would be easy to find a mobile phone shop right? Especially after having searched on google for the ones closest to where you live? Well the answer seems to be the opposite. I found three shops online and I made the journeys to each location only to find out that the shops had been closed down. I was a little bit annoyed with this as I’d taken some important time out of my day and was left with nothing but dead ends. Fortunately, my problem was resolved when I was able to find a Phone House (this is kind of the same thing as a Carphone Warehouse in the UK). I’m really happy that I was able to eventually find somewhere to buy the SIM but it seems a little bit ridiculous that this couldn’t be done in an easier way.

As I am currently trying to not fall asleep with my comfy pillows I shall leave it there and hopefully I will have better news to impart.

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

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