The Adventures of Life in Madrid

So it’s been a while since I last blogged and quite a lot of strange and funny things have happened since that time.

I think the best few things happened on the first night out that I had in Madrid. So as life goes with me when I went out last Saturday  it absolutely chucked it down. It wasn’t the best start to a night out as we had to change our meeting place but it did mean that I was able to buy a cheeseburger as I hadn’t time to eat before leaving. I think that may have been a smart move as it made sure that I wouldn’t become drunk straight away!

The night was like any normal sort out night out we went to a few bars and had a good time, although some of the drinks weren’t the best in the world. It was nice to be able to go out with some people and see Madrid at night and I can see it becoming a regular Saturday night occurrence as it’s happening this week and I reckon it will be happening the week afterwards as well.

However the interesting points didn’t happen until the end of the night. The first thing that happened that I thought was a little funny was when I was stood outside with my friend Daniela and she was talking with some Spanish people. I don’t know how long I’d been there for but one of them turned around and asked me if I was from Albacete. Apparently this was asked because I have the same sort of look as people from that area. I’m not entirely sure if this should be taken as a compliment or an insult. I suppose it means that my Spanish is getting better again at least.

That wasn’t the best part of the night though. The best part happened as Daniela, Jamilah and I were walking towards Gran Vía so we could find a taxi home. Now as it was around 4am it had gotten quite cold and Jamilah being somewhat sensible had a bag with some jeans in that she could change into if she became cold. However we couldn’t find anywhere for her to change in private. So she walked up to a building to see if she could get in and quickly change before anyone saw her. Strangely the door was open so we all went in.

Just as she’d managed to change and was putting her shorts into her bag a woman walked down the stairs and smiled at us. It took me a second to notice that there was something strange about this woman and then with the fact the door was unlocked at that time of night made me laugh. I think we may have accidentally walked into the foyer of some kind of brothel or something similar as the woman who had walked down the stairs was dressed much like the prostitutes that you can see on the paths between Sol and Gran Vía. I still can’t really believe it but it was definitely a good way to the end the night.
Incorrect temperature display in Madrid Spain
Now this isn’t really strange but it is funny. I always find it highly entertaining when temperature signs start playing up. Much like this one did last week. I had to take a picture of it because it made me laugh too much. It reminds of the one in Salamanca that said it was 49C for about a month when it clearly wasn’t.

I think my favourite part over the last few days though was when I was at school giving a class. The kids had been working on disasters from a text book so when there was a few minutes left over I asked them what 3 things they would take with them from their house if it was on fire. Most of them gave normal answers: food, clothes, mobile phone, money and so on. But one kid said he would take his bed. Which resulted in laughter from everyone. His classmates asked him how he would be able to take his bed with him when he needed to get out of the house as soon as possible. But I don’t think their thoughts dissuaded him on this matter.

On the note of teaching, this week I started giving private lessons to kids throughout Madrid. Some of them are a bit of a journey but it gives me time to sit and read on the bus or metro and plan some things for other classes that I want to do. I have to say that I was nervous when I first started as I didn’t know what sort of things the parents would want me to do but so far it’s been quite easy and I’ve been enjoying it. I’m not sure whether I should give more lessons or not but I think I’m happy with my small amount of clientele.

Currently I am in the middle of trying to organise my day so that I can get the most out of it so I shall leave you all here. Hopefully the rest of my day will be just as productive.

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

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