The Fault In Our Stars Book Review

The fault in our stars book review TFIOSThis summer I finally read John Green’s book The Fault In Our Stars or TFIOS for those of you who do not wish to write out the full name. I had heard about this book since before it was published due to being a subscriber of the youtube channel Vlogbrothers which is run by John and his brother Hank. So I was hoping the book would live up to the hype that has surrounded it since its release. I did find the story and plot enjoyable as I don’t often tend to read real fiction but I felt that some of the story was a little rushed.

The main thing that I found weird was the fact that Hazel went to Augustus’ house after only just meeting him. I know that it might not be that weird for some people but I just felt that under the circumstances you’d want to get to know someone a little better before you do something like that. Just because someone tells you that they aren’t a serial killer doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t. Another thing is that she has quite a severe cancer and she didn’t know where the guy lived or how far away it was from her house. I don’t see many people wanting to risk being too far away from a place that can help them just because they find the person attractive.

Another thing I found somewhat ridiculous was the fact that both Hazel and Augustus flew out to Amsterdam to meet with an author who quite clearly had never wanted any contact with the fans of his book. His assistant was also out of order as she should not have organised something like that if she didn’t think he would actually be willing to do anything about it. It’s all well and good her saying that she thought they would help him but she didn’t really take into account that she had organised a meeting between him and two children/teenagers who have terminal illnesses.

I also found that the death was somewhat obvious as a story of this kind where all the characters live would have been far too hopeful. Although I wasn’t sure who it was who would be the one to go it did become clear after a certain section of the book. I know that I’ve marked this as a spoilers review but I am not going to mention which character it is that dies, as some people may still be ignorant of the fact.

I did actually like the story apart from these odd complaints, and I did find myself becoming somewhat attached to the characters it was just such a shame that their story felt a little rushed to me. Hopefully the next John Green book will be slightly more to my liking and hopefully there won’t be any huge hype for it to be let down by.

Rating: 3/5 stars

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