Strikes, Churros and a week with Ryan

So I haven’t updated for a while, I apologise. It became a little difficult to write anything as Ryan has been with me over the past 7 days but now he is back in Germany and his part of the blog will be spoken about in due course. The first thing I want to speak about is the strikes from the 21st to the 23rd October.

I knew that countries like France and Spain tend to strike a lot so I wasn’t surprised when I started seeing posters about a strike that would last for 3 days. But what did surprise me was that it was the students who were striking. And not just the older students, but anyone from 3o ESO up (Year 9 and older for those British people who don’t know). It was weird to be at the school during those few days as hardly any of the students turned up. A few of my lessons had no one turn up but the others had about 5 maximum. I think it helped the students a little as it meant that my time wasn’t as divided amongst them all.

Some of the teachers found it a little ridiculous though that students as young as 14 could go on strike. And I have to agree with them. I know that if they feel strongly about the idea then they should be allowed to but at the same time, these 14 year olds aren’t going to be able to do anything else to change the proposed plans. They aren’t old enough to vote and normally strikes don’t normally tend to get the attention of those in charge, other than to annoy them. Also, many people turned up for the first lessons but then gradually began to leave the school throughout the day, which shows that not that many of them were too bothered about the proposed changes to the education system and more to do with the fact that they wanted some more free time to themselves.

After the week of practically no classes, Ryan arrived and it was really good to see him. I’d not seen him since the end of August so it was lovely to get the chance to even if it was only for a week. As soon as he got here, we left to go to Sol to meet up with some of my friends and go on a Tapas crawl. It was a really good afternoon and evening and I was really glad that Ryan got the chance to experience some of the Madrid lifestyle. It was also good as it was the first time that we had gone out on a Saturday but not for a night out and I have to admit that I found it slightly more enjoyable. It was nice to be able to sit back and talk with people instead of having to shout over the top of music to be hear.

Due to our rather relaxed Saturday it meant that we could get up early on Sunday and head out for another day of tapas. But this time in Lavapiés as there was a special tapas festival happening there called Tapapiés. This meant that all the places that were involved were giving out select tapas for just €1 each. It was nice to do this during the day and see a different area of Madrid as normally we tend to hang out around the Malasaña area.

After we’d spent a few hours there we headed back to Sol and towards a place that sells churros. The place we went to is where quite a few celebrities go for churros in Madrid so I was expecting the best churros ever. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. Admittedly they were best churros I have ever had but they were still disappointing. Churros have always sounded so nice and yet whenever I have them I find that my expectations have always been too high. I think the problem is that the dough mixture used for the churro is a little bland so all the flavour comes from the chocolate sauce/custard.

It was nice to spend some time with Ryan but unfortunately I still had to work so I didn’t get to spend too much time with him. It is a pain as I would have preferred to have been able to go exploring around Madrid with him but it is a little difficult seeing as I couldn’t take time off work. Hopefully the next time I see him we will be able to spend more time together but it might have to be just for a weekend as I don’t have a proper holiday until Christmas.

Despite that, I had a good time with Ryan we did go for a walk in the centre on Tuesday and then afterwards we went to a 50’s dinner! I’d never been to one before and I was somewhat excited as I’d been craving burgers and chips. When we got there I was in for a bigger surprise as I could have a chili hotdog, as well as mozzarella sticks! Part of me might have died and gone to heaven that night as the food was amazing!

It was rubbish having to say goodbye to Ryan on Friday as I’m not sure when I will be able to see him next. Hopefully I will be able to head to Germany in December near mine and his birthday but if not it might not be until the New Year when I finally see him again. But let’s not dwell on that too much! I am hoping that I can go to see him then as I really want to see the Christmas Market in Berlin, that would be something really good to talk about. But I won’t know for a while yet.

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

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