Blogmas Day 1: Christmas Spirit

So I´ve decided to do Blogmas this year, which is where I will attempt to write a blog post every day from now until Christmas day. I was tempted to do it as vlogmas instead but I, unfortunately, do not have the amount of time needed to film and edit each day which is a shame but at least I now have a happy alternative.

For this post I wanted to talk about why I don´t get into the Christmas spirit until the 3rd December. I know, some of you will be shocked. How can someone choose when to get into the Christmas spirit? I hear you ask. Well, it´s something that is quite easy to do if your birthday is at the beginning of December. I´m sure there are many people who don´t start to become excited for Christmas until after their birthday (if it falls at this time of year) and for me that is tomorrow, 2nd December.

Don´t get me wrong, I will tolerate the songs and the films on TV but until midnight on the 2nd December you won´t find me partaking in any Christmas traditions as I want to save all my time for my day. To me, it seems silly to start celebrating Christmas too early anyway. It´s much nice to have just 23 days of extreme Christmas spirit than it is to have nearly a month and half of watered down Christmas spirit. In my opinion it makes Christmas more enjoyable and I look forward to it a lot more.

I love and hate having my birthday fall at this time of year, however. I love it because I can have a nice, warm, cosy birthday with a hot drink but at the same time I´m constantly plagued by Christmas when all I want to do is celebrate my birthday. That may seem a little self centred to some people but who else wouldn´t want to focus their birthday on themselves? Also, it can be a pain for when people ask you what you want in the way of presents. It´s the only time of the year I can ask for things and then I either get them all for my birthday or for Christmas and I have to think of a range of other things that I might want. This is why I am somewhat envious of my sister as her birthday is 24th June so she only has to wait 6 months for presents at any given time.

Anyway I hope that has shed some light on my own personal feelings!

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

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