Blogmas Day 16 | Top 5 Christmas Films

What would any blogmas be like without a list of the bloggers favourite Christmas films? Incomplete, is what it would be. Below are the 5 films that I always turn to at Christmas time and the ones that make me think that Christmas is finally here!

5) The Nightmare Before Christmas  Now I know that a lot of people would normally see this as more of a Halloween film but for me it is definitely one for Christmas. The fact that the storyline revolves around the taking over of Christmas is more than enough to convince me of which holiday it truly belongs to! Every Christmas eve I try to watch this with my little sister and we sing along to all the songs and become really excited for the next day. Being 23 doesn’t have to be all bad!

4) The Grinch Yet another classic film. This is one film that I don’t exclusively watch at Christmas but it is always more fun to do so! It’s a film that everyone in my house enjoys and if it’s on then you can be sure that the people in my house are watching it. I mean, who doesn’t love a redemption story? Add in some jokes and witty humour and you’ve got a prize winning combination. At least that’s what I believe.

3) The Santa Clause I’ve just started to see a pattern with all the Christmas films I watch, they are all aimed at children. Not sure if this says more about me than I think! The original Santa Clause starring Tim Allen is one of the first Christmas films I remember watching as a child and I still love it now. I do think that the second film was an okayish sequel but the third one was a disaster in my eyes! Although I haven’t watched it for a few years I think it is one of the best films for the Christmas season.

2) Santa Claus:The Movie   Made in 1985, this film starts with how Santa Claus came to be but the majority of the story takes place in the USA in 1985 with the head elf Patch trying to find his own way in the world. He unfortunately falls for the ploys of an evil businessman who is trying to destroy the rival that is Santa Claus. I remember watching this film when I was at my dad’s house one Christmas and then after that we watched it every Christmas for quite a few years. Again, I haven’t watched this film in a while but I have a feeling that I will be looking for it in the next couple of days!

1) A Muppet’s Christmas Carol  Now a Christmas films list would not be complete unless it had one of the 21 versions of the Christmas Carol on its list. For me, the best has got to be the muppets, I mean how can the muppets not have the best version?! It shows the story as truly as possible but makes it more enjoyable with silly jokes and catchy songs. I recently showed this to one of my English classes at the school and they loved it. If Spanish people with low levels of English can enjoy it then it should be possible for everyone.

This is just my list I would love to hear what your favourite Christmas films are so let me know here or on one of my social networks!

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

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