Nokia Lumia 735 Review #ConnectsTrial

I can’t believe that I had this phone for two weeks! The time went by so fast! Again I would like to say thanks to the Connects team for letting me trial this phone and see what it was all about, so without further ado here are my thoughts and review of this phone!

I found the phone easy to use and really sensitive in regards to the touchscreen which was excellent as I’ve had some phones that had a few seconds delay and that is beyond frustrating! But this one worked really well, although I did find that I couldn’t always unlock the screen as easily as it should have been but I feel that this was more of a problem with my own abilities to use a touch screen than being a problem with the sensitivity of the touchscreen of the actual phone itself!

The use of a homepage filed with just the app tiles that you use the most and want quicker access to is a great idea and it means that everything you use on a regular basis is easier to get a hold of. It also means you have access to your favourite apps without having to go into the specific menu. I think that the tile apps work really well on a phone but I do like being able to have a background picture on the phone and being able to have different screens for different apps. This would be well received as lots of people put pictures of their nearest and dearest as background pictures, so the personal touch would be appreciated. I also would have liked to be able to create the folders to group the apps together like is exampled with music and videos group. Normally this sort of thing is easy to find out and isn’t normally mentioned in a phone guide so I was a little annoyed that I wasn’t able to just figure this out on my own. Because let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time to read the manual!

Chicken Quesadilla!
Mozzarella Dippers!

As I stated in the previous post on this phone, the camera for this phone is amazing. I was able to take a lot more pictures with it and I was happy with the quality of all of them. I spent a day out with my sister and during this time I took photos with her (as in customary in these events) and yes I took photos of the food that I ate but com’on look at how great this camera makes it look! The pictures are really sharp and the quality above the standard of what I’d expect on any smartphone!

Front Camera picture!

The photos of my sister and I are also really good, and I am especially impressed with the front camera as it isn’t as grainy as most front cameras can be. I also like that the camera options are split into two separate apps so it means that you can’t accidentally open the camera on your face and then jump back in shock at the face you were pulling whilst waiting for it to load! (And don’t lie! I know that we’ve all had that feeling and done the same thing.) You just have to remember that they are in two separate apps as I did forget on occasion and tried to switch from taking a landscape picture to one of my own face but I did eventually get the hang of it!

 Cortana, Windows answer to Siri. Or at least it would be if it gave you more funny answers and responses because most people do just ask it silly question so they can post them online after laying on their sides in hysterics at the answers. So when I realised the Lumia 735 had this app I was excited to see what Cortana would do but the only funny answer we got was when my sister asked it what the meaning of life was and it responded with its own version of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy quote.

Despite the lack of humourous responses I did find that the news articles that were sent to my phone via Cortana were wonderful! I love being able to keep up to date with what is happening around me so it was a surprise but also a blessing to find that I could keep up to date without having to search for it on google. This makes the phone not only accessible to younger generations, who would appreciate this phone more for its ability to send good pictures to their friends, but it also make it a viable contestant for a busier person who is constantly on the go and wants to be able to keep up to date with current affairs.

Another thing that I unfortunately found to be somewhat annoying was the Windows App Social (their version of the app store or google play). I found the style of the store to be counter-intuitive as you couldn┬┤t get just the app when you searched for it but lists upon lists upon lists made by people of the general public. I know you could only look at the list of apps if you wanted but the strung together version of the public lists were what you are first faced with. I don’t know if I had the setting wrong but it did bother me quite a bit as I like to see the thing I’m searching for and not what someone else thinks I’m searching for. I also found that the apps available was quite low and having just come from using an Android phone it was a little difficult for me to get used to.

Overall, I think that the phone is really good for people who want to be able to take really, really good pictures on a phone and share them to facebook as you can touch up or edit the photos that you take directly on your phone. However, I think if I had one full time I would probably love it once I better understood the app social and not want to replace it. But I would miss the ease of android phones! As I was hoping that this trial would help me make up my mind about the phone I want with my new contract this year I’m a little annoyed to discover I am now more confused than ever!

Rating: 4/5 stars

Hasta la fuego

Lauren ­čÖé x

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