First time in Berlin!

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It’s been 9 days since I got back from Berlin and I’ve only just had the time to sit and write about my time there! I did write the post about my experience on the aeroplane but you would not believe how crazy busy I have been over the last week! I had my friend come to stay with me over the weekend which was wonderful but unfortunately it meant that I couldn’t just sit and blog like I would normally do!

I’m also going to apologise for the lack of pictures in this post! I don’t tend to take too many anyway and I want to save most of the pictures for another post that will hopefully be out over the weekend (now I’ve said it I have to do it.)

The Brandenburg Gate

The Valentine’s weekend was the first time that I had ever been to Berlin and I hav
e to say it was a great weekend, and a lovely place to visit! It was lovely to see Ryan again for the first time since 2014 (wow that was a long time ago!) and it was nice to have a relaxing weekend away without any thought of doing work for school! Pure bliss. That’s the only way I can describe it.

However the day didn’t start off too well! I managed to oversleep and was consequently late to work, luckily it was carnaval and I didn’t have to really be there. But I can’t believe one of my biggest fears was realised! I’ve always had nightmares that I would wake up late on the day of travelling and this has been so much worse since I actually did wake up late and nearly missed a plane a few years ago! I honestly do not recommend trying to run through Terminal 3 of Manchester airport, it is exhausting and it hurts your legs!  Anyway I digress….

The Reichstag

I didn’t miss my flight which was good as I think I might have ended up as just a ball of emotion on the floor of the airport if that had happened! For some reason, I couldn’t check in online for my flight and I was worried all the way to the airport that something was wrong but I think it may have been the ticket type that I had as I was able to do it with no hassle at the airport! I mean talk about unneeded stress? I changed that by the McDonald’s I had in the airport. I don’t care what people say, junk food is a good way to make you feel better and even more so when you are joined by a friend as I was that day.We spent 40-50 minutes together which helped pass the time a lot quicker!

As much as I liked Berlin I didn’t get to see too much of it. Unfortunately Ryan was working on the Friday and as I didn’t have a key I spent the majority of the day in his flat, watching youtube videos and also making them. Not exactly the stunning jet-setter life I imagined when I began to study languages that’s for sure!

The World Clock

When Ryan eventually returned from a pointless day at school we went to the centre of Berlin and had a look around at the main sort of monuments there. I saw the world clock, although I’m not entirely sure I know what it is but I took a photo of it anyway! I saw a plaque for the Berlin Wall but not the actual wall itself, but don’t worry I needed to save some things to do when I go back for another visit! There’s no point in doing everything in one day. Much like the Reichstag, I saw the outside of the building but not so much the inside, but you have to book a few days in advance so it’s perfect for the future.

George and the Dragon

I have to say that the weirdest thing that I saw was the holocaust memorial. I’d seen pictures of it before but I didn’t realise it started off small and then gradually you descended until the blocks are so much taller than you! I think it would have been less chilling and daunting if I had done that by day but at night, when you can’t see the floor and these walls of imposing stone start to surround you it becomes a little freaky. I unfortunately didn’t take a photo down there as I wasn’t sure if it would be good in the dark, but after what happened the next day I’m a little sad I didn’t! But I shall be explaining that in another post! I suppose being shown the swing that is now atop Hitler’s bunker was a little bizarre as well. Alas, no photo of that as there was an actual kid on the swing, which also made it a little creepy!

Scary Angel Cathedral

Saturday was Valentine’s day and again I didn’t leave until it was getting dark. We stayed in bed until like 2pm and not for the reasons you think! Having to explain things in English to kids who don’t care really takes it out of you and calls for a serious amount of sleep during the weekend! And in Spain an increase in naps that you would never have thought you needed before! It was a shame in a way because it meant that I didn’t get to see much of Berlin during the day but it was so great to not have to rush around feel tired before the evening!

As we had a few hours before our reservation in a rather swanky Italian restaurant, Ryan took me to some of the older and more historical sites in Berlin. The first place was an old church which had had everything but it’s foundation replaced after the destruction which was wrought through Germany during the Second World War. It was amazing how well they had managed to replace the brick work though, the only difference is that the newer part of the building is a lighter shade as it hasn’t been exposed to the elements for as long.

Remembrance memorial

Next on the list was the oldest church in Berlin (maybe even Germany I can’t remember as I forgot to write it in my notes, smart move Lauren!) Ryan asked me a bit of trivia on it as to why it’s not technical a cathedral. It used to be, but after the reformation it swapped between the two strands of Christianity so that now it is just a really grand church! It was absolutely gorgeous but also a little worrying as to how many angel statues there were on the outside. There was a part of me, a rather large part to be honest, that was glad that I did not live in the Doctor Who universe.

Book burning

The next two places we saw were both links to remembrance of what happened in Germany. The first was a building that has a statue of a man sat in the middle of the building. It was originally built after the Napoleonic wars as a way to remember those who had fallen during that time. But now it is used as a remembrance site for the victims of war and tyranny in the modern world.
The second was the location of the book burning.  It’s interesting that they’ve commemorated it by having a hole in the floor showing an empty bookcase. Although it doesn’t get across the true amount of books that were destroyed during that time, it is thought provoking.

Tv Tower in Purple!

It was such a fast weekend and I was upset that I had to leave so quickly! The joys of the long distance is that you always end up saying goodbye at one point or another. Let me know what you did over Valentine’s Day and also leave any suggestions of where else I need to visit in Berlin

Hasta la fuego

Lauren 🙂 x

Too cute together! 

2 Replies to “First time in Berlin!”

  1. Hi Lauren,

    Just found your blog and read your post. Sorry to hear you didn't see much of Berlin. You should come back soon as I live just in the outskirts of the capital and I could have given you a tour 🙂

    I find the Holocaust memorial very impressive and intimidating, glad you've been around the Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate. There's still so much to see. Hope to speak soon xx

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures

  2. Hey Caz, thanks for your comment! MY boyfriend is living in Berlin at the moment but we were too tired to see too much! I'm hoping that next time I go (it should be in May) that I will be able to see more and do more of an adventure with it! But if/when I do I may have to ask for some recommendations of places to visit!

    It was really impressive, I wasn't really expecting it to just drop away though! I know, but I'm sure I will be able to see so much more in the future! Speak soon!

    Lauren 🙂 x

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