March Favourites!

Yes I am the person who will always post their last month’s favourites post halfway through the next month (or nearly at the end of the next month)! I mean at least I definitely know what it was that I liked during the last month and I don’t have to decide before it ends and before I find something new that I like and wish I could have put that in instead! I’m going to follow on with the same categories from the last post (which you can read here) but I think I will add an “other” category to any posts where something doesn’t quite fit!


So this book I did actually read in March and it wasn’t something I’d started before! So that’s a better start than last month! Rebellion by Rachel Cotterill is the first in the series “Chronicles of Charanthe”. I picked this up for free on Amazon after having read Watersmeet by her earlier in the year (Review of this here). Although these two books take place in different worlds, it is the style of the writing that I enjoy! The story focuses on Eleanor and her quest to find the Assassin headquarters having she is given a job beneath her abilities in the Empire. Unfortunately for her she is the first girl to seriously attempt the challenge. Although the story started off a little slowly, once the action finally began I found myself unable to put it down! I’m waiting until my next pay day for me to be able to buy the next one as a treat. Because I enjoyed this so much I will be writing a full review of the book in the next couple of weeks over on my review blog. If you fancy reading it yourself, it’s currently free on Amazon kindles in the UK. (In case you fancy it you can find it here)

TV Programme

So last month I spoke about Agent Carter and how I hadn’t watched Agents of SHIELD. Well I watched it, and by it I mean I fully caught up within a week. It seems my ability to binge watch TV will never go away! I have to say that I did find it quite enjoyable after I’d gotten through the first few episodes. I think the first season has been by far the best so far as it seemed to have more of a point to it. The realisation of betrayal and HYDRA gaining control and having the upper hand led to some beautiful story lines. I think that the second season floundered a little as there was no really plot to it, as far as I could see. But even though it seemed to have gone a little wide of it’s original ideas I did enjoy it. If you’ve not watched it yet then I do think that it is worth giving it a chance.


Okay so this isn’t just my favourite for March, it’s my favourite for every month! I’ve always had really annoying as in that it was really sensitive, oily and dry. It doesn’t make it easy for me to find products that I can use to keep my face hydrated but not too hydrated. That was, however, until my mum recommended that I try an Olay product. To be honest I was somewhat skeptical that I would be able to find one that would work but when I went to look this one was on offer so I thought I might as well try it. And oh my god has it worked! I’ve not had to worry about having dry skin or overly oily skin since I got it! It is definitely a keeper for anyone who has combination skin and it also has SPF 30 protection so I don’t have to buy a separate face sun cream when I’m on holiday. The defintie best of both worlds! 


For March I have to say that Katy’s blog The Lilac Scrapbook has been my favourite in March. I’ve been reading her blog since around December last year and I love how she writes. She doesn’t hold back from topic ideas and there is such a mix of things (from beauty reviews, lifestyle posts, tags to the more taboo topics of mental health and sexuality). I think that there is something for everyone and if you haven’t read her blog yet then I don’t know where you’ve been! 
So those are the things that I liked in March and in a couple of weeks you will be able to see what I really enjoyed this month. Although, hopefully it won’t take as long to get that one out.
Hasta la fuego
Lauren 🙂 x

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