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I don’t think this is something that I have ever really mentioned on my blog before, well not properly at least! But it is something that is really important to me. Ever since I was 9 I’ve always wanted to be an author. I started my first novel when I was around that age but it was terrible! As you’d expect from someone who has never really read anything other than the Harry Potter series (it’s not like I had a lot of differing influences.) But that hasn’t stop me from trying with various different story ideas since. Although I do still have a soft spot for the very terrible few chapters of my magical, mystical story. (But I don’t love it enough to share it with anyone!)

I’ve been influenced by so many different things in my life to write, and yes most of them have been books! (A rather obvious guess really.) To be honest, I’m not really sure why I’ve wanted to be a writer. I feel like I woke up one day and realised I wanted to connect with people, and make them experience emotions in some sort of collective group. Whenever I think of why I want to write I find myself stumped. I just enjoy writing and I want to share my ideas and stories with people, it might not seem like the best reason but to me there isn’t another one. It’s one of the reasons why I blog. I like to write and share my life experiences and thoughts with people from around the world. Perhaps my main problem is oversharing but if it is done in a way that helps me to connect to others then I don’t see how it can be a bad thing!

Even though it’s been such a big passion of mine it doesn’t mean that it’s something that is easy to achieve. I’ve started so many “novels” but after around 20,000 words I tend to stop and let the ideas fizzle out. It’s not because I don’t want to write but I find that my enthusiasm just disappears for that idea and it feels rubbish to know that something you were once so passionate about no longer means anything to you. And I think this is more of a fatal flaw of my own than losing interest in the project. I have made myself stick to certain ideas and projects and make sure that I carry them out to the fullest, because otherwise they would just end up languishing by the sidelines. The fact I do this so often always leaves me astounded that I have managed to carry on with my blog and youtube channel for so long, but I think that it’s because I get to do something different with each post so it adds a certain hint of difference that continuing a plot can’t. But I refuse to give up because of my own weakness!

I suppose it means that in the end if I am able to achieve this then I will have put in the effort and time needed for it. I know that to be able to have something published is part talent and part luck, but if you never even put in the effort to do something then it doesn’t matter how much luck you have! I think that effort is something that people forget about when they talk about their life goals, and although it can put a downer on things, it’s something that needs to be thought off. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’m able to do this and seeing as it was one of my bucket list goals (read here) I kind of need to do it!

Hasta la fuego

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  1. You will finish a book one day, it will happen! You clearly love writing and have come up with many story ideas in the past. Fingers crossed this happens for you soon. Good luck 🙂

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