May and June Get Fit Recap

So I said I was post once a month about how my current “Get Fit” regime is going. I know this won’t be a quick thing (despite me wanting it to be) but it’s always a good idea to have a quick recap of what you’ve been doing so you can see if it is working for you or not.

I do have to admit that towards the end of May I was really lax with the type of food that I was eating. Despite wanting to increase my overall fitness I was starting to get into the rut of not being bothered with cooking so I ate out more times than is probably healthy for me. Also, I didn’t want to buy a lot of food that I would end up leaving in Spain and not eating. I’m sticking with that as a main as to why I stopped eating properly and you won’t change my opinion on it!

I also wasn’t able to do as much running as I had been previously able to do, what with travelling to Germany for a weekend and having to organise my life to leave Spain, I wasn’t left with a lot of time to do it in. However I did improve on my running time! I managed to get my 2km run down by 30 seconds which I think made it at around 13 minutes and 20 seconds. But I also did a 4km run, yes I only did it once but at least I managed it! This I managed to do in just over 31 minutes. I was and still am happy with this as I know that I haven’t run that distance since the previous August or September. Now for me to start back on the 5km runs now I’m home.

As you can probably guess, because of the inconsistent exercise and the lack of proper food and nutrients I didn’t actually lose any inches from my body in this month. Again, I know that this isn’t a quick fix and if I want to improve it will take a lot of time so I wasn’t really expecting any change but it would have been nice anyway!

In June I didn’t really do any running, (which has made me feel a little weird and I definitely need to get back into it!) but I have been to the gym a couple of times which has been different after a year of not going but I think once the running and the gym going are combined I will be seeing a vast improvement to my fitness and who knows, maybe one day soon I will be able to go up those stairs without feeling out of breath! (A joke, although a couple of years ago it wasn’t….. I was really unhealthy!)

I’m hoping that for July I will be able to get back into the swing of things completely and schedule my time so much better! Especially as I have the Pretty Muddy Race For Life challenge in 6 days, something I definitely need to practice for.

If anyone has any tips on how best to go about my “get fit” lifestyle I would appreciate them and you can leave them in a comment or send them in a tweet or post on my facebook page!

Hasta la fuego

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