Bloggers Unite Summer 2015

Over two months ago I went to a really great event (and also my first) hosted by the wonderful  Hannah and Emma. Unfortunately due to general life issues I haven’t been able to write up about the event itself although I did manage to get the video uploaded a few days later! It’s been annoying me that I haven’t yet had the chance to do it so I thought one of the new posts that I would upload in my new, “organised” blogging routine would be this.
The event took place in a cafe just opposite the cathedral in Sheffield. I’ve lived in Sheffield for the majority of my life and I’d never heard of it before but it was really little and quaint. I think I may have to go back for some food in the future as I didn’t have the chance that time round but it did look really nice. The cafe itself was quite small but the upstairs room that had been used was quite spacious, although with everyone trying to sit and listen to talks it was getting a little bit cramped!
I will admit that I was a little nervous about going as I hadn’t really spoken to many of the bloggers who were going before but I suppose that’s one of the advantages of going to events. The ice breaker that we did at the start of the event, a kind of mini speed dating, made it easier to get to know people and I did meet quite a few lovely bloggers who I hadn’t heard of before.
The highlight of the event was the talks by a few brands who had been invited along. There were representatives for Keratin Revolution, Noir Caviar, Infinitura and MooGoo.  The first three brands were represented by two people who seemed to be from the same mother company, which had been started in Sheffield. Keratin Revolution and Noir Caviar are two salon brand hair companies. This is where I hold up my hands and say that I don’t really tend to go to the hairdresser’s that often so I’m not really up on what products are good for your hair or not. It was interesting to find out more about the product though and how the company was launched with one style that has now progressed into a thriving international business. We were also gifted with a product from each of the individual brands to try them out (look out for the review in a week or so!)
The talk in regards to the MooGoo products was really interesting as I’d never heard of the company before. It turns out that it’s an Australian company and the founder realised that people who were milking cows tended to have better skin on their hands. With this knowledge they started to take milk proteins (not actual milk) and use that in their all natural products. We were told that all their products are edible although they don’t advise it due to the taste. All of their products are vegan as well as they don’t actually use any animal products. We were also given a little bit of information in regards to their all natural make up range “Dusty Girls” as well. Most of their products are vegan but some of the lipsticks aren’t as they’ve had to use crushed beetles to get the colours right without any chemical dyes. It sounds intriguing but I’m not sure if I’m tempted enough to use them.
There was also a raffle being help for “Look Good, Feel Better” charity.  There was a range of pretty cool prizes and surprisingly I won something. It was only a towel but I know what I will be taking on my holiday with me in

October!  And that wasn’t even the best part! The goodie bag that was given out as well was filled with so many wonderful, exciting things! I think the one thing I was most excited about was the Make-Up Revolution Palette. I’ve never really had a neutral palette so it was something extra that I could play with and look at. Perhaps there will be a make-up tutorial video in the future?! There was also a full Creighton’s No More Frizz hair set. It says it’s for frizzy hair so I’m not sure if it will do anything to help my thin, flat hair but it’s always worth trying!

The amount of things that was in the bag is a little bit ridiculous and I can’t remember now which things were in there or what they were for but before I started pulling things out I did film everything in a 15 minute video! So if anyone is interested in finding out about everything that was placed in the bag to have a look at the video here.

I was really glad to get the chance to go to this event and it’s actually pushed me to go to more events around the country. In the next month I’ll be heading off to both London and Liverpool to meet up with some other great bloggers. If you’re wanting to keep up to date with what goes off there then head over to my twitter and snapchat accounts as they will be updated continuously throughout the days! Both @lollalong! 😀

Hasta la fuego 

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