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Many, many months ago I wrote 25 things to do before 25 and as 8 months have passed (and also my 24th birthday) that I should have a quick look back and see what if any of the things I wanted to achieve have been done. 

THE LIST (All marked as this have been completed)
  1. Go technology free for 25 hours.
  2. Write a novel.
  3. Complete the 365 instagram photo challenge.
  4. Learn to knit (mainly because I want a cheaper way to feed my beret addiction!)
  5. Buy a car (expensive but something I will probably need.)
  6. Start a gaming channel, with all the proper equipment! (Microphone, software and possibly better headphones.)
  7. Go to America again.
  8. Go to a Youtube gathering/meet up.
  9. Go to a Blogging gathering/meet up/ event.
  10. Do more collaborations with youtubers and bloggers.
  11. Save up to move into my own house (with the possibility of moving in as well.)
  12. Get a full-time job (this should definitely count!)
  13. Run a 10 kilometre charity race.
  14. Complete NaNoWriMo!
  15. Learn html coding.
  16. 1000 youtube subscribers (a girl can dream!)
  17. Visit Rome, Italy.
  18. Be able to draw better, meaning a lot of time drawing instead of writing!
  19. Learn how to edit photos properly.
  20. Get a tattoo (I’ve always wanted one so why not add it to the list?)
  21. Have 200 bloglovin followers (if anything it will keep me more dedicated with blogging and I would be more than pleased with that number.)
  22. Lose 4 inches from my stomach (this will not be from fad diets or bad behaviour but a way for me to try and become healthier. I have been trying but it’s easy to slip back to an easier way of living. Also, not overly happy with those 4 inches and they can leave with some aerobic exercising!) 
  23. Try and sort out the paranormal problem in my sister’s room (no, I’m not joking and yes it’s bloody terrifying!)
  24. Visit Vienna, Austria. 
  25. Visit Carcasonne, France
4 things done in a 8 month period isn’t what I call the most successful use of my time. But I have to hold my hands up and say that I didn’t realise how time consuming a full time would be, or the fact that I haven’t used my free time as effectively as I could have since coming back from Spain. 

There are a couple of other ideas that I have in my mind to be finishing or I’m on way to completing them.I am slowly getting better at editing photos and I’ve bought a new camera to help with the actual quality of the pictures as well. I have been driving sine I’ve come back from Spain, but not from buying my own car. I’ve been using my sister’s car so as to help her with the running costs of it! Not the most ideal situation but it has given me some well needed practice! 

I’ve got less than 365 days to get the rest of this list completed and I think that I may be somewhat ambition with some of the plans (seriously, who can afford to travel that much in one year?!) but I am going to try as much as I can, although the instagram photo a day thing may take a little longer to complete than past my 25th birthday. 

I am feeling pretty impressed with myself despite not seeming to have done much and I am keeping my fingers crossed that next time I do a quick update I will have crossed more off the list! 

Hasta la fuego

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