A Christmas Gift Swap

My lovely friend Katy from The Lilac Scrapbook organised a Christmas git swap amongst some of the blogging community so I put my hand up and agreed to take part. It’s a fun idea and always good for some surprise presents for Christmas.

I was partnered up with Becky from rebeccamarie.co.uk, and we quickly decided on a spend limit as well as a date by which to get the presents sent off and reach each other by. We decided the best way to do this swap would be by listing 5 things that we love so a surprise could be bought from those but be something that we both like and would use.

Thinking back on it, I wish I’d taken a photo of what I’d bought Becky to show you all but I’m sure she will have mentioned them somewhere along the way. I did however take photos of what I received, I mean it would be a bit rubbish if I’d not been able to do that.

I didn’t really know what to expect because the 5 things I listed could have really allowed for anything but I think what I ended up with are some things that I would never have picked up for myself but would have considered.

Face masks are always a god send and especially if you want to have a lovely evening just relaxing and enjoying yourself. I just don’t know which one to use first now! Will also have to hide the lollies from my little sister otherwise I may not actually end up eating any of them!

I’ve always wanted a “Wreck Your Journal” but never thought to pick it up and buy. I know this is the sequel version but I am excited to destroy some pages! I might even take photos of my favourite ones!

The cookie decoration maker is such a novelty gift but something that I may end up using with family as it’s a fun activity to do with other people. But maybe a little too late to put up on my Christmas tree!

Hasta la fuego

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