How to Treat Yourself This Valentine’s

It’s almost Valentine’s Day again and with it all of those feeling about what to buy that significant someone in your life. It’s known as the day where you show those who really mean something to you, just how much they mean. Sometimes it seems like we focus on others a lot more than we focus on ourselves and I thought that Valentine’s is the perfect day to treat and pamper yourself. I mean, there’s all that chocolate and wine on sale for a reason right?

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Every day (or night) of pamper should involve at least the following!

Everything you’ll need!
  • Face Masks
  • Bath products
  • and Chocolate!

My 7th Heaven Face Masks are some of my absolute favourites and I love the fact that they are so cheap as well! You can normally pick these up for about £1 in your local Boots, Superdrug or even in some supermarkets. The peel off masks are great at making your face feel smooth and utterly refreshed. A definite must have for any pamper day!
Some of my favourite face masks
This Baylis and Harding Pink Magnolia and Pear Blossom Gift Box* is a great treat that makes you feel luxurious! The soft scents make any shower great and the lotion gives just the right amount of moisture to make you feel as soft and wonderful as ever! It has definitely helped to make my arms feel better in this awful winter cold recently! For only £10 from Asda it’s the perfect little treat to pick up and indulge yourself with! 
Such a lovely small gift set, perfect for travelling!
Who could resist this Ferrero Rocher Heart Box? I only ever have these as a special treat and a pamper day is definitely a well deserved reason to buy them. As it’s Valentine’s they’ve even packaged them in this cute little box. With a face mask on and smelling great this £4 treat is something I will definitely be enjoying! 
I couldn’t resist myself with this. Normally at around £6.50 I couldn’t help but buy this reduced Nestle Dairy Box. For just £3 it was a bargain and something I will be able to curl up with and enjoy as I watch whatever relaxing film or TV takes my fancy.
That being said, no pamper session would be complete without somewhere nice to snuggle down in for you to curl up and relax. I recommend a darkened room and your favourite rom-com! 
Let me know how you intend to spoil yourself this Valentine’s Day
Disclaimer: Baylis and Harding gift set was gifted to me, but my opinions and thoughts expressed in this piece on the products, are all my own.

Hasta la fuego

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  1. I'm a sucker for a good pamper evening, and it sounds like you have the perfect night all planned out!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

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