Restarting The Healthy Regime

Last year I was doing monthly round-ups of how well my exercise plan was going ( the last one being in July!!!) and if I was making any progress on becoming fitter and healthier. Unfortunately due to the crazy excessive lifestyle I took on last summer I found I wasn’t able to carry on with what I’d been doing. I’d been making some effort but it was regular enough to show any differences.

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At the end of last year I decided to change that. One of my friends had started selling the Juice Plus shakes and I thought what better way to start than by giving myself some extra vitamins! The shakes themselves are packed full of powdered bits of fruit and veg I would never think to buy so I can only assume it must be giving me some extra nutrients I wouldn’t have had before.

My favourite flavour shake is probably just the vanilla powder with a dash of lemon extract, it tastes like a lemon cheesecake/meringue and who wouldn’t want an excuse for that flavour every day?!

However I do love to mix it with a bit of fruit as well. Strawberries and raspberries definitely have the best taste for a shake and it’s almost like I’m just drinking a smoothie.

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Tastes just like a smoothie

However I really do not recommend trying them with water! I had a chocolate one like this and it was like a really watery chocolate ready break flavour. Something I wish I hadn’t tried but impressed to say I finished it! I can understand why milk or milk alternatives are used now!

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Watery Chocolate shake!!

In the exercise area, I’ve been a bit hit and miss…. I have one really good week and I will exercise three times a week at least and then the next I do none.. I’m hoping that I will be able to change this in the next month and be able to go at least once a week from now on! Especially as I have Clubbercise to go to with the girls, who doesn’t want to dance and do aerobic exercises to old school dance tracks?

I do struggle with having a healthy regime however, I lack the will to do it and I am an idle person at heart. Even though I want to make the change I just don’t seem to be able to get the motivation to do so which is frustrating but instead of doing something to change it I get stuck in a rut of being annoyed with myself, and still not exercising.

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A somewhat bad quality before style picture

To try and make sure that I can break this rut I have decided to give myself 6 months to achieve the lifestyle that I truly want. I’ve now got a job where I can exercise in the evening so now all I need to do is get home, get changed and get myself to the gym! I would like to go running again and I think I might start again on a weekend if I’m able to head to the gym more often during the week.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for myself that I will achieve this and hopefully writing it down will shame me into changing somewhat!

Hasta la fuego


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  1. Good luck with it! I struggle for motivation too, but I've been wearing my FitBit and I award myself 1 gold star (in my Diary) for 5000 steps, 2 for 7000 and 3 if I manage to get to 10,000 steps per day. 🙂

  2. Good Luck! I am also starting to get back into being healthy after months of being lazy but am seriously lacking motivation too haha xo

    Emily |

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