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A new Spring menu has just been launched at Revolución de Cuba  and to get more awareness for it they organised an event for a few bloggers with the help of Holly to get some of us to sample the new foods and try our hand at making the perfect burrito.

I will hold my hands up here and say that I didn’t know that Sheffield had a Rev De Cuba, and to be honest I think I need to spend more time in my home town’s city centre! It’s located just off of the busy West Street on Mappin Street. For those who are awful at street names (again this is where I hold my hands up!) it’s just around the corner from Cavendish.

As we arrived we were offered a free drink and I opted for the Mojito, a classic cocktail and probably one of the nicest that I’ve had. At least when the straw wasn’t stuck against a lime…. Afterwards I may have gone for my old favourite, the Strawberry Daiquiri. Honestly if I could afford to drink these all the time I would!

We were given a few little nibbles to try with our drinks. Some dried bananas, some nuts and pork crackling. I only tried the banana as I’m always wary about dried fruits. Still not a fan of them and I think the flavour didn’t match well with my mojito at all. I’m not a huge fan of pork anyway so opted to stay away from that but it seems that it was enjoyed by the others on the table.

Each table was given a different plat of food to try. We had Albondigas, Chorizo and Pork Quesadillas, Glazed Chicken in Romesco and Sardines. I already knew I’d love the albondigas, it’s one of the only things I was eating at the tapas restaurants in Madrid last year (along with patatas bravas), but I had a try to see what it was like. I can honestly say they were cooked to perfection, they had the same texture and taste! And for a second I was transported back to Spain in the flavour. It’s weird how food can do that to you. I also had a bit of the chicken. It was cooked beautifully and the romesco sauce was lovely. I’m not a huge fan of seafood but the ones who did try the sardines said it was nice, but just like regular sardines. I’m guessing that’s a good thing? And the quesadillas seemed to go down really well.

For some reason, this picture didn’t want to work…

After this mini trial of lovely food we were given our ingredients to have a quick master class in the art of burritos. I already had a basic understanding of how to make a burrito but I had never actually put that into practice. To be honest, I feel like I could have made a worse attempt. It was strange having to put food in there that I wouldn’t usually, such as sour cream. I’m not actually a huge fan of sour cream but thought I might as well use everything we were told.

There was a competition to win in this burrito making challenge and the prize was dinner for two. Unfortunately, I didn’t win but I did get to eat my finished burrito, so I still feel like I won something!

After the making of the food, we were given a small lesson on rum and all the different types of rum that are available. I did write a huge note on all the different types and how to recognise certain types but being the idiot that I am I was able to delete the note and lose every! Wasn’t my best moment that’s for sure. I can remember that white rums are for using in cocktails and you don’t need to mature a rum for more than 15 years due to where rum is made. Also, you can tell if it’s a true rum as there should be a green tinge to it when you hold a glass of it up to the light. I actually tried this and it worked!

The main thing I learnt though was that I really do not like drinking rum on without it first being mixed with something else. I definitely have far too much of a sweet tooth for it.

Hasta la fuego

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  1. I love the food from Revs and this new menu sounds lovely! It sounds like you had a great time at the event, even if you didn't win the burrito making contest. Lovely post :).
    Tasmin | Grandiose Days

  2. It was such good food! I think I need to go back at some point and try some of their other food as well as it all looked great! xx

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