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I was recently invited to Revolution* to try out their new revamped menu and was also given the chance to take along a friend, so I decided on my sister (Tasha) as I thought that we hadn’t spent enough time together recently and it would be a good way to kill two birds with one stone. The restaurant itself is really open and spacious and we were seated at a table by one of the many huge windows, perfect for people watching!

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Whilst we were trying to decide on what food to order we ordered a drink. We both opted for a blended cocktail. Tasha went for a Cherry Woo Woo, one of her favourite types of cocktail anyway, and I went for a Salted Caramel Mudcake. I just couldn’t resist the chocolate look to it!

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Yummy Cocktails!

They looked like frappuccinos you’d get in most types of coffee shops but with a bit of vodka thrown in as well. Mine tasted just like a chocolate caramel milkshake, and the vodka was barely noticeable. It was so nice I was tempted to order another 10 but luckily I was able to reign myself in and stick to just the one.

Tasha loved the fact that hers came with cherry flavoured laces, and also the fact that they had soaked up some of the drink so they were somewhat squishy to eat. She also thought it was one of the best variants of a Woo Woo that she had drunk. Although not sure she wanted another 10….

Because we are really awful at deciding on what to eat we shared a plate of nachos so that we could have another few minutes to decide on a main dish. However, we did decide to try them without the roquito peppers as neither of us can really handle much spice and we were wary as to how spicy they would be! The nachos themselves were great! Crunchy but with enough sauce soft! I kind of wish that there had been more guacamole and sour cream to go with the nachos, especially as Tasha couldn’t eat the nachos that had been left with all the vodka salsa on it! A little bit of guacamole would have calmed it down perfectly. I really loved this sauce, it had a bit of heat but was also quite sweet. The perfect combination!

We were finally able to order a main dish after a lot of deliberating (and I think I may be heading back here at some point as there are still around 4 or 5 different dishes that I want to try!) I went for the Smokin’ Bacon Burger and Tasha decided on the Sloppy Joe pizza. I think the main reason I decided on the burger was because of the intriguing addition of wotsits to it…

Tasha trying to decide on food!

The burger was one of the best that I’ve eaten and the wotsits definitely made an interesting addition to the texture of it all. Because I’d stuffed myself with some nachos beforehand I found that the burger was difficult to finish. I did try! But it was so difficult! I wish I’d gone for the option that allows you to not have the bread bun! As gorgeous as it was to eat, it definitely didn’t help with the full feeling. I also upgraded my fries to sweet potato fries as they just taste so much nicer!

Tasha fared a little better with her pizza as it was a thin crust. She felt that if she’d had any more food she would have felt uncomfortable but the pizza was the perfect size to have after a starter. To be honest it looked beautiful and she says it was really nice tasting and she’d eat it again.

We were tempted to go for a desert and share it but with how full we were both feeling we just opted to share a Sangria Sunset. I’m always craving anything that will link me back to my days in Spain so couldn’t wait to try it! It was a little more bitter than the sangria I’m used to but think this was due to the addition of elderflower cordial which tends to be a bit dry.

We had a really lovely lunch and the staff in this particular bar were really welcoming as well. I definitely think I will be going back, and I may even be tempted to pick up one of their Revolution cards. This gives you 25% off all food every day and 50% off on a Wednesday. For £3 it’s a bargain if you think you will be eating there enough times to warrant it. Tasha was also impressed that there was a standard 50% off on all food on Mondays anyway, but I quickly pointed out that she would struggle to get there on a Monday.

Tasha definitely looks a lot more glamorous than I do! You’d think it was her that blogged all the time! I think I might need to start upping my game!

Because Revolution are re-launching their 2-4-1 burgers on a Tuesday they are running a special promotion where they are giving away 241 burgers for FREE on Tuesday 26th April. There’s no catch. All you have to do is head over to Revolution from 12pm until 6pm and order one of their burgers and hopefully you will be one of the lucky 241 people!

Hasta la fuego


*Tasha and I were given a main dish and a drink free in order to do a review on Revolution’s revamped menu.  However all opinions are entirely our own.

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