I’m Not For Sale! Roseannah Event

A couple of weeks ago my lovely friend Becky from Country Pearls invited me along to an event being held by Rachel from Roseannah, which is a social impact company based in Orchard Square in Sheffield. The main reason behind the event was to give some information about what Roseannah does and how they are trying to make a difference within the fashion industry and how we can help them make this difference.

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At the moment they are currently organising a crowd-funding campaign #ImNotForSale in response to the human trafficking that happens in the UK. The company is currently working with around 4 survivors of human trafficking in the UK to try and give them the skills they need to be able to move away from that life and find a way to live independently in peace. Unfortunately as Roseannah is not a charity, and to make sure they can afford to keep giving the level of support and help needed, they have set up a Just Giving Page here and they are also hosting a fashion show to help fund this.

Just a selection of what is on offer to buy

Roseannah also focuses on ethical trading and bringing fairtrade into fashion. Everything that is sold in the store has been fairly sourced and to benefit the people who either made the products or those who helped to get the raw materials needed for the products. They also have a range of bracelets where each colour corresponds to a different charity and the profits from them go straight to the charity.

They are all so pretty and I can see me buying all of them when I have the money!

And the jewellery they do sell looks lovely. I’m a sucker for buying earrings and necklaces and I think this may become my new favourite place to go and grab a set when I next have an excuse to buy some!

I want all the jewellery!

Also as part of the event, we were all given a quick colour consultation to see whether we were more suited to warm or cool colours. The main difference is that warm colours tend to have more of a yellow undertone and cool are more blue. The idea is that the colours will naturally enhance on your face and make your skin appear better. The majority of people tend to fall into one category or the other and it tends to be quite easy to spot. But me being ever the awkward one was more tricky. Eventually Rachel decided to class me as a warm colour which I do agree with as yellows do suit me, but I can also get away the odd bluey-purple top.

I don’t even know which colours I prefer wearing!

I had a really good time at this event and really enjoyed learning about something that was clearly close to Rachel’s heart. If you fancy getting a colour consultation or even helping a local business out then I would definitely recommend a trip to Roseannah. You can find it on the top level of Orchard Square directly above Starbucks.

Hasta la fuego


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