NWMeet 2.0

At the end of April I went to Liverpool to attend NWMeet2.0 organised by Katy. To be honest, I nearly didn’t end up there as I’d forgotten I’d put my name down and the Wednesday before the event I had to send a quick tweet to Katy to doublecheck. Queue the mad frantic train fare search and deciding what to wear!

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I managed to find a reasonable priced ticket that got me to Liverpool for 11:30 which with a 12pm start was perfect. I met up with Tasmin at the train station and we quickly grabbed a drink from Costa before heading to the venue location. I also grabbed a chicken fajita wrap as I’d stupidly missed having breakfast that morning. When we reached the venue, Ameriesko,  we realised that it was actually a café so we quickly finished our drinks before we went in to find everyone.

This event was really informal and more of a get together for bloggers more than anything which was fine by me. I really enjoy the big more professional events, such as The Big Blogger Conference that was held in London last year, but the smaller gatherings make are more intimate and a better way to make actual friends with the people you’ve been speaking to online!

There was a talk from Weleda about their product Skin Food, which happens to be 90 this year! Crazy to think it’s as old as the Queen! It was pretty informative and we were advised not to use the actual product on your face as a moisturiser as it can too much moisture! It was originally created with the view of people who work outdoors needing to repair chaffed and rough skin. To be honest I can totally see why as my dry elbow has actually started to feel like skin again! But that’s for another blog post.

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The atmosphere in the event was relaxed and friendly, but that always makes it easier to chat to people without it feeling awkward. I also finally got to meet Lydia! I’ve spoken to her loads and she is such a lovely lass that I’ve wanted to meet in person for a while! Her Youtube videos are so natural and down to earth and I love them. Plus she sings, and is so talented! I also met Bex, I’ve seen her around in the twitter chats a few times and have spoken occasionally but really glad to speak to her in person. She is such a down to earth person and her youtube videos are done so effortlessly and in such a natural way.

Although it’s always such a long way across to Liverpool, the two events I’ve been to have made it worthwhile and if there’s any there in the future I will be trying my luck at being able to go across. It makes me think of a question I saw in a twitter recently about whether or not blogging is a sociable hobby or not. I think it definitely is. I’ve not spoken to this many people, or be able to do as many great things if I’d not decided to start my blog nearly 4 years go.

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A somewhat blurry selfie I managed to take

For a look at all the products that we got in our very filled goody bags, head over to Lighting Lavender to see the haul video!

If you’ve ever been to an event let me know what you though of it and if you think they’re worthwhile!

Hasta le fuego


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