EU Referendum: The Opinion Piece

For any of you that aren’t aware (and I ‘m not really sure how you can’t be if you’re from the UK as it’s been plastered everywhere!) the UK is due to hold a referendum on whether or not we should stay in the EU. There’s been a lot of opinions and conjectures thrown around as to what would actually happen either way. And the main problem that we all face is that we can’t know for definite what will happen one way or another. That being said, I think there are some things that will happen just from past events and how the world seems to be run.

For one, I honestly think that the pound’s value will drop and create issues with the economy if we vote to leave the EU. I believe this for the exact same reason that I thought Scotland would struggle, because there will be a period of uncertainty and uncertainty causes issues within the stock market which in turn affects inflation and economies. It only takes one person to panic for everything to come crashing down, the Wall Street Crash of ’29 anyone?

A lot of people bandy about the idea that if we leave the EU we can become GREAT Britain again. I’m not entirely sure what they think we will be able to return to in this post-colonial world. We are not the power that we once were, and to be honest a lot of countries don’t think much to our past greatness. But I suppose colonising 25% of the total landmass of the world and controlling 20% of the world’s population at the time can leave a bad taste in the mouth?

I get the feeling that people still think that we are this big industrial power with tonnes of exports and the ability to fund our economy that way. But the reality is that we aren’t. The majority of our industries are closing down. The majority of the mines that used to keep entire towns employed have closed and the steel industry is slowly being shut down one factory at a time. Our own country is already importing more from China than it used to (source) and that coupled with the lack of demand for steel is drastically affecting our economy.

Honestly, when the idea of a referendum was first mentioned quite a few years ago I already knew which way I’d vote if given the chance. I really, truly believe that we should stay within the EU. On our own, we will be a small defenceless country that will quickly realise that it isn’t as important as it first thought, especially when we aren’t given the deals and treatment that a lot of people think we will get. Due to the growing globalisation of the world, no country is better off on it’s own.

I am fully aware that this is a divided topic but I want to take this time to invite you to give me your opinions on this. And no, I do not mean insults with actual reasoning. One of the best things about such polemic topics is that you can talk to someone with a different point of view and try to see things from different angles, so if you’d like to let me know yours leave a comment below and I will get back to it as soon as possible!

Hasta la fuego


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