Amsterdam Day 2

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Day 2 in Amsterdam saw us waking up somewhat early to get dressed and ready for the included breakfast before we decided to take a trip through the city and find more sights! Although there was a bit of a panic when Louise broke her straighteners and we had to use the hotel wifi (and twitter) to try and find somewhere close by that we could head to to get some more! Luckily there was somewhere that wasn’t too far out that we could head to and get a cheapish replacement for her until we went back to the UK.

We didn’t really have a lot of plans for our second day in Amsterdam other than Ru Paul’s Drag Race live; which, in all honesty was the main reason that we’d gone there in the first place… As we were in Amsterdam, we didn’t think we could leave without going to the Anne Frank Museum. We were queuing for around an hour and a half to get in but for €10 per person it was definitely worth it. I’ve never actually read Anne Frank’s diary but I knew the basic history. Being in that place was really surreal.

There were quite a few video reels and showings dotted around the various rooms to give more context to the history and the actual events that took place. I have studied the rise of the Nazi party and the mistreatment of the Jews for quite a few years in various different forms. But seeing interviews from people who lived through it and experienced these incidents first hand, it can be a little emotional. I did kinda lose Billie and Louise in this place a couple of times because I wanted to watch the entire reels whereas they were moving through the house at a slightly faster pace. I tend to have this problem a lot in museums as I always try to read and look at everything. I think it’s something that I annoy people with, but I do eventually catch up!

It was a very moving experience and being able to see video interviews of people who lived through that time definitely brought it home the realness of the event. I guess, it made it weirder that the museum has been created as an overlay of where people where hiding for so long. Some of the pictures and posters have been preserved as well. It’s certainly a weird step back in time.

Once we’d finished we went to a cafe nearby to grab some food before we needed to head back to the hotel to change. Whilst we went through what clothes we’d brought and made ourselves up for the event, we decided that some prosecco was needed. And let’s be honest, when is prosecco not needed? It may have resulted in quite a few (maybe too many?) selfies and pictures being taken. I think I may have thought I was in some sort of photoshoot with how many I’ve actually got….

Lauren, selfie, my lavender tinted world, lightinglavender, lollalong
Always good to have a daft picture
lauren, billie, fierce, selfie, my lavender tinted world, lightinglavender, lollalong
Billie and I looking truly fierce!
lauren, my lavender tinted world, lightinglavender, lollalong, sidelook
Seriously no clue as to what I’m doing here….

Onto the event itself, Ru Paul’s Drag Race was really fun even though I’ve never really watched the TV show. I didn’t really know who any of the people on the stage were but I really enjoyed it. I loved how there was a disney theme to it and the performances were out of this world. Yes I know it wasn’t really live, but I don’t see why that should matter? The effort put into organising clearly paid off as everything ran so well and it was such a great atmosphere to be in.

That was the end of our second day and with it came the realisation that we would be going home the next day but that didn’t stop us from having another jam packed day. But that can wait for another post.

Hasta la fuego

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