2016: A Reflection

I wrote a post a few months ago about how my 2016 had been so far (you can read it here), there weren’t really a lot of positives mentioned it apart from a brief trip away with some friends. Despite all the big world events that have gone off my year has been pretty uneventful on the whole, which in a way I guess is a good thing.
One of the main things that has happened to me since the previous reflective post is the start of a new relationship. It was not something that I was planning and it kind of fell together on its own but has made the ending of this year better than I had expected with how it started. Unlike my last relationship I’m going to keep this one more offline, although my new partner supports my blog and youtube (despite the lack of videos) he doesn’t seem to be the sort who wants his face all over them. Maybe one day you will get a glimpse of him but for the mean time you will have to make up your own image.
This year I’ve found myself struggling to stay motivated with my blog and I’ve barely posted anything at all compared to the past few years. I don’t really have anything to say in my defence for this as I’m not entirely sure myself when I haven’t been able to stay motivated with it. I guess life kinda got in the way and I didn’t prioritise this as much as I should have and I feel bad for that. I feel bad for myself as this is a hobby that I love! I love writing and I love sharing my thoughts with people, I’m just hoping that the last few days of 2016 help me to remember this love and to make sure that I can keep it for the upcoming year. I’ve even been looking at moving my blog to its own self hosted page for the new year, but I will have to make sure I am committed fully before I make a switch like that!
I think I am slowly starting to figure out some of the things I want in my life, not completely and not to an extent that I can verbalise them, but I feel like I’m trying to get more of an understanding of my life. I guess it’s a good point and a good place to be at the end of such a temperamental year. I wouldn’t say that I’m ending this year on a high but I am ending it on a slightly more positive note that I thought I would 9 months ago. It just goes to show that you can’t always predict what will happen from a few bad events.
I would love to know how your 2016 has gone so if you have any posts or videos that I can check out leave me a link below!
Hasta la fuego!

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