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A couple of months ago the bloggers in and around Sheffield were invited to an event from a local tech start-up which turned out to be by Swegway UK, the first UK branch of Swegways. The team in Sheffield were the first official sellers of the product , and they wanted to give us a an overview of what they have. We were also given the chance to bring a plus one and as I was due to the cinema after the event I took my sister along with me.

Photo courtesy of Swegway UK

The part of the event we were all looking forward to, however, was getting to test out the swegways. We were given the chance to try them out as they are or as a swegkart. To get the swegkart you have to buy an add-on feature, this allows the swegway to be modified.

My sister trying out the swegkart

The swegkart was a lot easier to use as it had it’s own steering system to manoeuvre the kart around and although I did drift it a fair few times when doing corners, it was my preferred way of using it. Once you’d started moving in it though, you would struggle to stop. I reversed so many times and almost hit too many people! It could maybe just be because I am not that very good at using the machine itself, but  I don’t want to dwell on that possibility.

Photo courtesy of Swegway UK
However using the swegway on it’s own proved to be a little more tricky for me. I struggled to move at any sort of rapid speed and found it difficult to go against your natural balance. Perhaps it is something I would need to have more practice using in the future? The trial was still enjoyable, and i did improve a little before we had to stop!
Once the trial was finished, we all took part in a race to the death! Okay, a little OTT there but we did time laps in the swegkart to see who could go round in the quickest time. It wasn’t just for the fun of it though, whoever won would get a prize! I was lucky enough to come third and win a little box of chocolate cherries. The surprise was that my sister came in first place! I’m not sure how she managed it though. I’m sure she was the only one who took part who was unable to actually drive. Maybe being able to drive is what caused the issues for everyone else?
Photo courtesy of Swegway UK
I really enjoyed the event that the guys at the store put on and I kinda wish I lived in area that was more swegway friendly as I would definitely be getting one!
Hasta la fuego

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