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At the end of November I was invited to a blog event held by Baileys of Sheffield in The Botanist restaurant. The idea they had was to bring together the different industries within Sheffield. The variety of different people and brands who attended  made the night more enjoyable than some other events I have been to.

Baileys of Sheffield

Although a little cramped in the secluded area at the back of The Botanist, it was a beautiful location. I wouldn’t say it was uncomfortable, but you would have been struggling to fit very many more people there. And I don’t think the staff found it the most helpful of places for us to be when as they squeezed past to serve others. Despite the slight crowding I loved the venue. I’ve never been in before and I loved the decor of the place.

As part of the evening we were all given the option to try a drink from the menu. I chose one simply named “The Botanist” it wasn’t my usual style of drink but I did really enjoy it. To buy one it would cost £6, your usual standard price for a cocktail. I wish that cocktails were a little cheaper as they definitely my go-to drinks! But I understand that there are a lot of different shots that go into them!

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I love the ceiling in this place, so different!

The hosts had picked their attendees based on how much they thought they could offer to the experience. They really emphasised the networking opportunities to be had. There were a few companies present and quite a lot of bloggers, many of which were new faces. Meeting new people is something I enjoy doing, so this night was that extra bit more interesting for me.

Baileys of Sheffield themselves are a new company focusing on building jewellery made from Sheffield Steel. Their main item is a cable bracelet with little steel beads, kind of in the fashion of a Pandora bracelet.

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This drink was so nice! I kinda need to go back and have more

It’s definitely an inventive concept. Coupled with the ability to create different colours on the metal it opens up so many different options on how to create your perfect piece. An added bonus of the beads is their interchangeability with some of the other products on sale. You can easily add the bead onto the chain or necklace style piece to create a pendant. Versatility is definitely key with this.

As weird as it sounds, I feel like these products give off a more masculine vibe than feminine. It might be the style of the twisted cable itself, I’m not sure. But I can imagine my other half wearing one of these more than I would myself.

baileys of sheffield, bracelet, steel bracelet
Sorry for the one blurry picture, it won’t                                                     sharpen!

There were also representatives from Lucy May lingerie brand. The concept behind this brand is that the lingerie they’ve created can be worn in and out of the bedroom. They’re trying to promote sexy, lacy underwear that is also comfortable enough to wear under your normal everyday clothes. It gives the impression of something magical. Who has heard of a bra that you don’t want to take off at the end of the day?! But if there was one you could buy, you would buy it. I know I’d love to wear something a little racy underneath my work clothes, if nothing more than for the thrill.

I never thought to ask for exact prices for their products. A rookie error I know! Honestly I can only imagine they are somewhere between £30-£40 starting point. It seems like a lot, and I don’t think I’ve ever bought any so expensive. I is tempting to try them though. If they are able to deliver on their comfort levels, it is a price worth paying.

lucy may lingerie, lingerie
I love the design of these!

Albus and Flora were also present with their range of different lip balms. I’d never heard of this company before but they won the Highly Commended Award at last year’s Beauty Awards held by Debenhams. The lip balms might be the best I’ve ever used. They keep your lips feeling lovely and moisturised, but they don’t have that greasy over-moisturised feel that a lot of similar products have.

They make the products to include SPF protection as standard. I didn’t realise that we should be using SPF protection all the time, as I usually only associate that level of protection with summer and really warm places. I feel like this is something that I should have been aware of before, especially as I know my own skin is already susceptible to the sun’s rays.

albus and flora lip balm, lip balm, albus and flora, mylavendertintedworld
This range is so wonderful! It feels great on your lips

There are a few different versions of the balm. There is the basic balm that looks like your regular, run-of-the-mill lip balm but the one I preferred tints your lips and enhances your natural lip colour.

I never realised their scope of different industries within Sheffield. The evening definitely opened my eyes and I’m now a little more proud of my city. I think I will definitely be trying to find more Sheffield made things myself and I really hope Baileys of Sheffield hold more events in the future that will give me an even bigger glimpse into my city.

Hasta la fuego

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