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I love reviewing places I visit, although I forget to post them as often as I write them. And I was really happy when I was able to travel to Bristol for two days for work. I got to travel and stay in a Future Inns hotel for free, definitely something I could get used to. As I had a few hours in the hotel and with some good lighting, I decided to take some pics and start a little review.

Future inns bristol hotel review, hotel reivew, future inns review, travel, mylavendertintedworld

The hotel is found directly opposite Cabot circus, a big shopping centre/food court, and only 15 minute walk from Temple Meads train station, it was ideally situated. I felt spoilt in the king-size room and I definitely loved the size of the bed! Bearing in mind that I only have a single at home, this felt like a massive upgrade and I think I might have had the best night’s sleep in it. Part of me wants to go back to for some good sleep. Even though I had all of this extra space, I still only slept in half of the bed! I don’t think it helped that I piled up all of my clothes and laptop on the other half….


king size bed, future inns bristol, mylavendertintedworld
Honestly want a bed this size in my own place!

I’ve stayed in a few hotels and, as with any, it had your usual basics: a kettle, tea bags, a hairdryer, a TV etc. One thing that was different was the size of the room. I had so much room just for me, and I felt like I could get used to something like that. If only I could afford to move out and have so much space to myself! I think I’d settle for somewhere that could home a bed that size to be fair.

I loved the bathroom and I think a good bathroom is a must for any hotel room. It’s the main thing you use (other than the bed) so it has to be good. The shower was both powerful and I could adjust the temperature so I got my perfect heat. I’m a little particular with the temp of the water when I’m in the shower so I love it when I can get the temperature I want. Something that you don’t see a lot in hotels is the glass shower pane to stop water dripping on the floor. This is something I could recommend for every other hotel ever! Future Inns clearly knows how to please its guests.

bathroom, future inns bristol, hotel review, mylavendertintedworld

An oddity I noticed was with the bathroom door however. It was both for the entire bathroom, and a separate little area for the toilet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bathroom split in this way before. I guess it saves a little money for the hotel though.

My favourite part of any hotel is the breakfast that you can get. I’m a sucker for a continental breakfast. Who doesn’t want to eat as many pastry products as possible in a morning?

breakfast,continental breakfast, pain au chocolat, mango juice, toast, mylavendertintedworld
This breakfast might have been my favourite thing ever!

There was your standard selection of food to choose from but I pretty much headed straight for the bread and pain au chocolat. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having a warm breakfast but there’s just something about eating french pastries in a morning that makes me feel happy for the rest of the day.

The staff were some of the friendliest I have met. They were more than happy to help with anything and were always stood at the main desk with a smile on their face. I know they have to, but it must be difficult to be able to maintain that level of friendliness day-in day-out. Luckily I didn’t have any issues with my stay. There was a slight confusion with our booking as they had booked each room under different names. We had booked it under one name, but to keep the rooms separate the hotel used both names. A little disconcerting but easily enough resolved.

breakfast option, yoghurt, future inns bristol, hotel review, mylavendertintedworld

I didn’t use the restaurant on site as we ate out that night, however the staff at breakfast were friendly and welcoming. Again I had no issues but they seemed approachable. Some of the servers were Spanish which was a nice added extra to the meal. I felt like I was abroad again! I  enjoyed listening to them have a chat as well. It’s only times likes that where I realise how much I miss being in Spain. I’ll go back one day!

In a couple of weeks I’m off to Amsterdam. I’m looking forward to going back for a third time, and maybe this time I will do a proper hotel review as well? Or at least finish talking about my entire visit….

Hasta la fuego

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