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As part of my birthday and Christmas present I received tickets to see Jack Whitehall on his tour in Sheffield. To say I was thrilled is an understatement. Jack is probably one of my favourite comedians, which is impressive when I think about how many comedians I enjoy. Because it would be a little boring to see this on my own, I took Todd along and we made an afternoon of it.

jack whitehall at large, jack whitehall, review, mylavendertintedworld

We went for lunch at Frankie and Benny’s, one of my preferred places to eat. I don’t think Todd was overly impressed with what he chose, but a pulled pork hot dog is something that can go either way. I thought mine was good like usual. But then when you only ever eat the BBQ chicken pizza you aren’t going to find fault.

I may have overestimated how much time we would need to eat before the show, it’s better to be over-prepared right? This gave us a bit of time to take a walk and make sure we could get into our seats with no issue, but I think next time it might be better to go a little later.

The support act for the show was a little disappointing. He was funny but not overly so and some of his jokes were a little annoying. I’m not sure if I’d want to see a full set done by him that’s for sure. To be honest, he was that unremarkable that I can’t even remember his name! And I’ve looked to see who it was, and no one else seems to know! If you went along to this show and can remember I’d love it if you could tell me! =D

Eventually the moment we had all been waiting for arrived! The show had started. To kick everything off, they showed a clip of Jack having overslept and running late to get to the venue. There were a few guest appearances but my fave bit was the school minibus from Abbey Grove that refused to give him a lift. I mean who didn’t love bad education? I guess the weirdest part of the opening was him riding a horse on stage. I’m guessing he did it at every venue but he was rather ungraceful in his descent.

Jack was his usual flamboyant self, telling jokes that didn’t resonate with the average Joe. But also mocking that as well. Sometimes you have to wonder just how posh he is and how much of it is an act? I like to imagine he’s slightly OTT but that most of it is his natural self. But who can really tell when comedy is scripted?!

Once Jack started the evening became immensely better. I’m not sure what it is about him that I find so appealing but I think I could watch him for hours. In a totally non-creepy way. Okay, maybe in a slightly creepy way! I can’t really remember in which act each particular joke was, but I loved the information about Jack trying to break into the American audience. His impression of his agent “Chad” were beautiful. It was the generic Hollywood type of guy, but it fed into the story of the joke so well.

It doesn’t seem like he had much luck with his attempts to break America, and his bad luck with Frozen is something that will always make me laugh! However, I think my favourite snippet from the show was how his agent put him up for a film role opposite Robert Pattinson. Everyone who has ever watched a show by Jack Whitehall before knows how much he dislikes Robert Pattinson. Poor tree number 6, always relegated to the background. I always try to work out if his anger towards RPatz is something real or made up. I’ve still not come to a proper conclusion. I did enjoy seeing the old school photo with the two of them in it though. Definitely elicited a few laughs.

For the entire set, I don’t think there was anything that I disliked. Every joke made me laugh, and I liked the continuation throughout the entire set. You can really tell the amount of effort and time must have gone into preparing a show like this with the continuation. Yeah some of the jokes were done in an attempt to be off-the-cuff and not planned, but I don’t mind if that’s how it’s scripted. It can be a little annoying but I appreciate the effort that was put into the entire thing.

Honestly, I can’t wait until he goes on tour again in the future and I am definitely going to see him again, if he decides to tour at least once more. I am now more determined to see more of my favourite comedians. I just need to find/hear about the tours that my faves are holding.

Hasta la fuego

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