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I’m taking a dramatic turn from my usual style of posts today! It’s also a bit of a deviation from what I planned to write in March. But bear with me as it’s a project I’ve believed in for a few years. I’m talking about the Invasion of the Not Quiet Dead project. An independent film project by creator Anthony D. Lane. Anyone who has seen me incessantly tweeting/retweeting about this over the past week might have already guessed at this!

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For the past 8 years I have been following @IOTNQDfilm on twitter and watching the creator try to fan-fund a different take on zombie films. Invasion has been a 10 year project for its creator and there have been many stops and starts. I guess that happens with most independent filmmakers but recently they premiered their most recent trailer at the Moonlight drive-in theatre in Kent.

I’ve been following the project myself since the summer of 2009 (literally following it. Okay, maybe not in reality but definitely virtually!) A really long time ago now that I think about it! I was in my second year at college and I felt bad that I couldn’t donate any money to the crazy tweet-a-thons that the creator took part in. I’ve always wanted to help things that are trying to achieve the impossible. It was just unfortunate that when this launched a I was a penniless student. From what I remember he went without sleep for far too long, I still don’t know how he managed it! It must be great to believe in something so much that you would even forsake your bed! He even created his own studio (The Indywood Studios) as a way to help get the funding put into the right channels.

iotnqd, invasion, invasion of the not quite dead, mylavendertintedworld

Instead of donating, I was constantly sharing the account’s tweets in the hopes I would be able to get someone else to donate. I even told my friends and family about it in case it was something they would be interested in and would be able to give a bit of money to. Honestly, I don’t know how successful I was with this. Eventually though I was able to give something towards it. It wasn’t a huge amount but I was happy I could give anything at all. Who says you can’t be helpful when you’re at university?

The film has appeared on my timeline pretty much consistently ever since. They’ve become a bit like my feed regulars, and the only ones to have really survived from that time! A true testament to how much I want to see them achieve their goal! And also it shows that they are still something I care about. I didn’t even realise how long it had been to be honest and, it wasn’t until the new trailer launched that I realised how long they had been trying to get funding for this. (BTW if you want to watch the newest trailer for yourself click here.) It’s been an impressive feat as it out-dates all of the more common ways of crowd-funding now. Especially in the sense of asking random strangers online to believe in something to this level.

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I have so much respect for everyone who has been a part of this project. It’s taken up so much time, energy and re-shooting to get the film to the point where it is at now. Yes, they have had to re-shoot certain scenes but not everything can run smoothly in a 10 year time span. There are so many big budget films that have similar issues. But I bet they wouldn’t want you to know the extent of that. I remember the initial opening scenes and the original teaser being shot on location in Bulgaria but due to various issues the second half had to be shot in the UK. Not as disastrous as you might expect for a film.

One of the main features of this concept that I love is that there is no CGI. I know, impressive when you think of how the film industry is nowadays. All of the gore, mist and blood has all been created by the production team. A lot of time and hard-work has gone into making this the most realistic horror film of its generation. I think that it’s paid off!  It is a project of dedication and patience. I’m sure there were points when the creator didn’t think this film would ever make it as far as it has.

iotnqd, invasion of the not quite dead, zombie, mylavendertintedworld
Can you believe this isn’t CGI?

The main reason I am bringing this up now is because the film is almost complete but they are still looking for some more backers to make sure it gets the ending it deserves! Anyone who donates can be happy in the knowledge they helping an independent and there are even some perks for you as well! (Depending on how much you are able to give.) I’m not being paid to write this, nor have I been approached by anyone in the team to do this. I’m not that much of a fan of horror but this is definitely something that I want to see and what I want to be able to say that I helped to get into cinema screens. If anyone is interested the indiegogo campaign is here.

I am honestly so excited to see this film on the big screen! Now to find a moonlight drive-in theatre near me….

If you want to know more about the film head over to their site here

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