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As I’m a wonderful big sister, I bought my sister Taryn tickets to see Dodie Clark on her Intertwined tour. I’ve been a fan of her youtube channel for a few years as well so it made sense for me to go with Taryn. Also, I don’t think anyone else was that keen. The doors were originally due to open at 6pm but due to a meet and great that was added at short notice, this was pushed back to 7pm. This push back wasn’t too bad though as it meant we could go and grab some food beforehand.

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I mean, who wouldn’t choose latina food before a concert?

We headed to the O2 academy for around 7 and found ourselves pretty much at the back of the queue. The doors didn’t open until around 7:15 so I’m guessing the meet and greet overran slightly. It wasn’t an issue though but I wish I could have sat down. I am definitely getting far too old for all this standing around!

From my memory I’ve only been to the O2 academy once before, and that was when it was called the Carling Academy. I now feel old! Despite the name change, it doesn’t look like much has changed on the inside. I do love this venue though as it is quite small and a lot more intimate than a big arena. Even at the back of the room there was still a good view of the stage. It makes the cost of the ticket all that more worth it.

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Except when freakishly tall people don’t stand in front of you. This concert made me really wish there was some sort of law that makes tall people stand at the back! I found the perfect spot to see everything twice but then someone stood in front of me. If anyone saw my tweets from this night you might have been able to see how angry I was.

Rusty Clanton was the support act for the show. I’m going to hold my hands up here and say I have never heard of him before. I enjoyed his music, but I found them to be a bit samey. I don’t know if I could listen to a full EP of his, which is a shame because I did enjoy the ones he played. Maybe I’ll just have to find a few select ones to listen to?

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The picture does not do the view credit, especially with those lights!

I do find it to be a shame when someone’s songs all sound really similar, especially when they aren’t that uplifting. I think I could maybe cope with an album of uplifting pop songs but dirgey, upsetting tracks not so much. Everyone in the audience seemed to really enjoy him though, so his other stuff must be worth a listen!

Finally it was time for Dodie Clark herself to come on stage. We’d had about a 15 minute interval or so as tends to happen but everyone was eagerly awaiting her arrival. Someone started chanting her name and then everyone took up the chorus for it. It would have been nice for her to appear at that moment in time but I guess even she cannot break the timings that are pre-planned.

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Taryn might hate me for this, but she looks so good here!

What I think I liked most from this concert was the snapchat commentary Dodie had created. It was an extra little snippet into what she was doing before, during and after the show. It showed the real emotions that she felt, a nice little bonus for any fan. I don’t know if it’s just with youtubers or the increase in social media but having that sort of personal connect can help strengthen the support of a fan to their idol.

I will admit I was a little apprehensive about this concert as Dodie always come across as really mild in her videos. Not that this is a bad thing, more that I’m used to musicians being more boisterous on stage. It was different to what I’m used to but I believe that she was able to pull it off perfectly in her own way. There was audience engagement, funny quips and you felt like she was talking to you.

I had a really good time during this concert and I’m glad I bought the tickets for my sister. Dodie Clark’s voice has a light and gentle quality to it. But she filled the entire venue. It’s nice to hear an artist and they sound the same as their pre-recorded songs. If/when Dodie goes back on tour I will be getting another ticket, and I may bring Taryn along again.

Hasta la fuego

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