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Revolución De Cuba have recently relaunched their Taco Tuesday deals, and as such they invited a few bloggers to see if they thought that the deal on offer was worth it. As part of this we could a book a table and bring someone else with us. Luckily for me, it fell on the same day as the Dodie Clark show. I checked with the venue to see if I could bring Taryn and after this was confirmed I booked a table.

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We were given two free tacos each, one chicken and one vegetarian. This worked out well as Taryn is a vegetarian and I love chicken. We swapped this around so that we both had two that we could eat. I don’t really eat tacos all that much and the last time I went to a taco Tuesday thing, it was at Taco Bell in Madrid. But I loved these. The paprika sauce worked perfectly with the chicken flavours and enhanced the tastiness of it. Taryn really enjoyed the vegetarian ones and thought that the different flavours mixed well together.

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On the menu these 4 would cost you £5, but only on Taco Tuesday! An offer I honestly wouldn’t want to miss. If you’re near a Revolución de Cuba on a Tuesday and you want to grab a quick bite to eat then there is nothing better that you could choose. However, if you are wanting a little more you can pay £8 to add some fries and black beans as a side dish. Always a tempting offer, but then I love fries and potatoes of any kind!

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To go with our lovely tacos we ordered some of the non-alcoholic cocktails, and luckily we’d booked a table in the middle of happy hour! Taryn chose a Apple and Raspberry Mojito that tasted absolutely gorgeous, whereas I opted for a Lavender lemonade (you know sticking to my theme…) it was an okay drink but a little weird. Taryn liked it and swapped drinks with me. This is one of the reasons I keep here around! For our next round of drinks I chose the raspberry and apple for myself and Taryn had a Shy Mai Tai, the honey was clearly strong with that one! But she enjoyed it which always makes it worthwhile.

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I was feeling a little hungry still after the tacos and some of the other bits on the menu looked too appetising to pass up. And with 3 plates of tapas for £13 I couldn’t resist! I went for the usual favourites of nachos, patatas bravas and honey and lime chicken skewers. The idea was that we could share without being over-full. But it didn’t work out this way. After ordering, Taryn told me she doesn’t like patatas bravas or potatoes in general. I honestly had to resist disowning her on the spot! Such a betrayal! She did love the nachos though, saying the guacamole was her favourite ever, but we picked out the jalapeños first. Too much spice for either of us to handle!

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I’d never had the chicken skewers before but I’m glad I chose them. The honey and lime worked perfectly together, and although the quesadillas were tempting, it’s nice to have a change. The patatas bravas might also be the nicest I have had outside of Spain. The salsa was perfect! Next time I am in there I’ll definitely be having another plate of these.

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To finish off a great meal we decided to be indulgent and get cake. The toffee nut cheesecake had caught Taryn’s eye as soon as she’d look at the menu and I opted for a chocolate praliné one. Mine was so chocolately it was like heaven. It was soft but firm. It’s a shame that I was so full that I couldn’t finish it! Taryn loved hers. She was happy with the choice she made, but was too full to finish it.

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The best bit about the entire experience was the atmosphere in the bar. It was early enough that there weren’t too many people and we could eat in peace. It was so relaxing and it enhanced the entire dining experience. The reggeton music also made me feel better. It’s a style I will always associate with Madrid and love when I here it at home. We were so early to eat that we almost missed the live band. They were very latino/hispanic in their undertones which worked so well with the covers they performed. Sometimes a good anglophone song needs a revamp.

toffe nut cheesecake, cheesecake, revolucion de cuba, mylavendertintedworld

Taco Tuesday will be forever one of my favourite things and I’m happy that Rev de Cuba pull it off so well! Now to resist the urge to eat there every Tuesday!

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Band playing some great music!

Hasta la fuego

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  1. The food looks absolutely gorgeous!

    1. It is really good food! If you get the option to eat there, I would definitely recommend it!

      Lauren 🙂 x

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