Why I Don’t Daily Vlog

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Every so often I feel the urge to pick up my camera and film a daily vlog. I’ve actually gone through with it a few times as well. I mean, I started my youtube channel years before I started my blog. You’d think I’d be more comfortable with it? But the only walk around with me, and see my day type vlogs are done when I’m travelling. But is this something I should work on?

If you go on Youtube you can find your pick of a whole range of daily vloggers. All of them put in so much effort to make their videos as amazing as possible. And most of them seem to live far more interesting lives than me! I think my main issue with creating and uploading a daily vlog is that I don’t feel like I have anything to say. I don’t think I’m boring, just average. Everyday would be the same sort of routine: get up, go to work, come home, binge watch TV (either at home or at Todd’s). People have told me I should get back into the vlogging world and pick up on my channel, but I’m stuck.

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Or why I don’t vlog at all any more…

I don’t have the time to create the sort of videos that I would like. And unfortunately for me, my laptop is slowly getting to a point where video editing is becoming impossible again. This puts me off sequencing a few days events together when it’s going to take forever! Time is a really big factor for me in ditching the camera and instead typing up my days.

Speaking of, my blog is another reason why I stopped filming. I thought that I would be able to link the two together quite well but I find that if I blog about something I don’t want to create a video counterpart to it. Is this something a lot of people deal with? I tried to link my book haul videos to book reviews that I would then write up. But I stopped buying books as I wasn’t reading them quick enough. Plus my drafts for books reviews is now growing, and I’m not sure if I will manage to get it down to 0!

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This is the only way I daily vlog, and it’s not really the same!

Although I have decided for the time being that daily vlogging isn’t for me, I hope it may be something I reevaluate in the future. I do miss getting behind my camera and having a good natter with you all. But it may need to wait until I can afford a proper desktop PC….

To sum up, I feel like my life is not exciting or entertaining enough to film every day! I don’t understand why there would be anyone who’d want to see what I get up to on a regular basis. However, if you would be interested let me know! Maybe I can be persuade to start up,no guarantees though.

Hasta la fuego

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2 Replies to “Why I Don’t Daily Vlog”

  1. I totally agree with this. I get why people do it but I also just don’t know how they have the patience for it. I’d hate to walk around filming myself all day and don’t think my daily life is very exciting haha x

    1. I don’t mind it so much if I’m on holiday as my life is more exciting, but usually it’s pretty boring! I do enjoy watching other people’s though. I will just have to stick to my more weekly style of video!

      Lauren 🙂 x

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