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This month Dainty Alice is my blog of the month! I’m really excited to have kicked off this little project and I am so happy that Alice wanted to be a part of it! Thanks Alice, plus the picture you wanted to use looks great on my sidebar! Also, I’m sorry this up towards the end of the month! But I did get it up in time for you.

*Pictures used within this post are screen shots from Alice’s website. She is aware and okay with their use in this post.

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I’ve been speaking with Alice for the majority, if not all of 2017. I honestly get so lost with time that I don’t know when we first stumbled across each other. Alice has always been a really kind, friendly and helpful person and I think this comes across in her blog Dainty Alice. Her blog focuses on mainly beauty and lifestyle, with a few blogging tips thrown in as well. I think one of my favourites is Creating a Social Media Routine, which comes with a handy little guide to use. I’ve not used the guide myself, but it has shown me the importance of sticking to a routine. This might be why my instagram struggles to grow! It is this sort of helpful post that I love to see. And it’s great to see that she is trying to help as many other people as possible.

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I absolutely love Alice’s post on photography tips!


Although she has only been blogging for two years, it seems as if she has been around forever! Plus her photos have been deemed as #bloggergoals. Honestly, you should go and see them! If you want to learn how take the perfect magazine style picture, Alice is the girl you need! I know from experience that it can be difficult to capture the perfect, and to get the lighting just right to how you want it. But Alice has written up a fab little guide that shares her secrets on getting that stella look! I will definitely be keeping it bookmarked as some of my pictures are pretty terrible. (Although I like to think that I have improved a lot since I started this blog, at least I got rid of the date and time stamps from pictures!)

Another fab thing about this girl is that you can always find a new post to suit your needs. Dainty Alice posts pretty regularly with at least one post going live each week. If you follow her twitter account (@Daintyaliceblog) you can see how much time and effort goes into her blog and the amount of tweets that she has scheduled each day is ridiculous. You can see that blogging has become one of her passions, especially as it seems to be an outlet for her to share some of the things that she loves in life. By that I mean her addiction to beauty products. I can’t even begin to understand how she can afford to buy everything she has!

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A little screen shot from Dainty Alice blog itself!

If I’ve not already managed to convince you to check this girl out, I don’t know what else I can do! Alice is one of the many people who has made me glad that I started blogging. She’s pretty funny and down to earth. And her wicked sense of humour is also a plus!

Hasta la fuego

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