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This month I had someone drop out from being my Blog of the Month in October. But luckily Sarah from Sunshine Sarah stepped in for me at the last minute. Thank you so much! I mean I would have eventually chosen another blogger that I follow instead, but it’s nice when someone puts themselves forward. You can check out Sarah’s blog here. Sarah has been blogging for quite a few years and seems to have had a couple of redesigns along the way. These designs seem to have come from a change in the way Sarah wanted to present her blog, and maybe change the topics she wanted to write about as well. Something that I think we are all a little guilty of.  But it seems this style is suiting her and she writes about an entire range of different areas.

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As with most bloggers, Sunshine Sarah includes beauty reviews. One of my favourites being her Faith In Nature post. You can tell from this that Sarah puts a lot of time and effort into the posts that she produces. The placement of the products, in the pictures, look so effortless. Honestly, I am in awe. I am constantly comparing my own photography to everyone else and it always comes up short. If I could get my pictures to look half as effortless as this, I would be able to die happy!

But Sarah doesn’t only focus on beauty, she’s delved into lifestyle as well. I think after beauty, lifestyle is a good area to blog in as it allows you more freedom to write about what you want. And Sarah has done just that with both 10 Things I Would Do if I Won £10 Million on the Lottery and 10 Simple Things which Make Me Happy. I really enjoy posts like this as it allows you to get to know the person behind the blog. I mean I know that we all pretty much follow our favourite bloggers on twitter for extra insight, but it’s nice to read a full post about how they think as well. It’s lovely knowing that Sarah enjoys seeing her friends and have a good cup of tea. Personally, I love a cup of tea when I can put my feet up and relax!


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It’s always coming across new bloggers who are a little different but with some of the same streaks. Sarah is definitely someone who fits within this mould, and is someone I think more people should go and read. Who knows, you might come across a new favourite?

Hasta la fuego

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