Hot Warm Drinks – A Christmas Poem

Hot Warm Drinks, snuggled warm; inside
Soft light glow
Dancing from the tree in the corner
“Don’t turn on the big light,” you’ll hear someone say.
Christmas brings families together, if only for a few hours

Laughing at the Christmas cracker jokes you’ve heard before
Pretending they are just as funny as 5 years ago
Children in hysterics at their first hearing
One year, you know they will pretend, like you, when they’ve heard them 20 times

A special bit of fizz to start the day
Whoever thought orange juice and sparkling wine would taste so nice
There’s enough to last the day,
And to sneak a little to your younger siblings
But only if it’s just a drop

Silly party hats adorn everyone’s heads
But stopping them from falling in the food becomes a game
Another Christmas tradition
You look around the table
Smile, and laughter, and happiness

Outside darkens, bringing with it a sharp,
Cold feel
You’re glad you’re warm inside
Not needing to brace the cold
Cheeks red and warm, glowing in the merriment
“One more drink?” Someone offers.

Residual happiness passes on the next day
Memories of Christmas antics
Funny moments you know will be told around the table for the next 20 years!
Along with the cracker jokes
A small smile smile tugs at the corners of your mouth
Hopefully next year will be just as fun


Hasta la fuego

The blogmas/Christmas edition of the signature for My Lavender Tinted World. The signature says Lauren smiley face x in a dark green font. There is a ribbon underneath it was christmas bells above the "x" and a Christmas hat on the "L"

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