November Fitness Update

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It’s that time again! A mini brief on my plans for my November fitness and where I’m wanting to get myself to. What with going to Rome for a few days and a week off work, I’m hoping to be able to up my exercise. But I need to make more of an effort during my average days. I think my biggest problem is that I don’t know how to effectively manage my time when I’m at home. If I could pre-plan to go to the gym I think I would be doing a lot better.

Speaking of the gym, that is where I want to start going to more often. I have been once so far this month! Honestly, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed being able to go through so many different machines. Being able to do different exercises was a nice change from my road running. Now I need to stop making excuses and start going to the gym on a regular basis…. And this is where my fatal flaw comes into play, because I am really good at making up excuses. Todd does not approve of my excuses though. He kinda shames me, so I’m hoping this will help me! If I can start doing this and go at least once a week I should start to see improvement!

I think one of my biggest problems that will face me with my November fitness is that I sometimes don’t see the point in trying to make any of these changes. I’m really not happy with how I look, and I have a risk of diabetes, but I don’t see the point. It seems that no matter what I do I can’t seem to shift any of the extra weight. It makes me feel a little low, which is why when I see no changes I feel demoralised and ready to give up. I also want to go straight to food for comfort, another big issue for me! I really need to make an effort to change my relationship with food. Just a few tweaks to my mindset and I feel like I would be doing so much better. But I don’t think I’m strong enough to effect these changes.

To be honest, one of the reasons that I have been so committed to keeping this series going is because I want to make sure that I do make some changes so I can talk about them. I’m hoping the pressure of the blog posts will somewhat force me into changing. It is working slowly! But I think there is still a lot I need to do to make the changes more permanent. Luckily, I have a really supportive group of friends, and Todd is always doing things to help me! Even if his behaviour might come across as rude to others, I know it’s because he cares. He is taking the diabetes threat slightly more seriously than I am. But at least one of us is!

I’m really hoping that some of my changes will work in November and by the start of December I will have seen some sort of change in my body size. And potentially in how I view exercise and diet! A girl can dream right?

Hasta la fuego

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