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The giffgaff money fit event write up. The smoothies made were from fruit and veg, but apples with vegetables seemed like a strange mix.

Back in November I was sent a request to take part in a gym challenge with Giff Gaff, at the time I was feeling really motivated with my exercise so I said yes. But as the day got closer I started to regret it! An early morning start to Leeds, on a Saturday, did not sound like fun! However, I was curious by the entire notion of money fit so I booked the train tickets and went on my way. Despite the grumblings from my sister, who didn’t fancy the drive to the train station!

The venue was in a different part of Leeds than I have been to before, and I hoped that I wouldn’t become lost. It doesn’t happen a lot, so I get more anxious when it does. But luckily, I managed to get to the venue (Firehouse Fitness) just in time. I knew that I would be in for a fitness challenge and some smoothie making, but I wasn’t sure how the challenge would present itself. When I found out, it made me a little more nervous about taking part. We had 20 minutes to burn as many calories as we could on a treadmill and as an incentive, we earned 20 pence for calorie burned off. There was a maximum limit of £40 that we could individually reach, but I knew I’d never get that close!

One of the treadmills used to take part in the fitness challenge at the giffgaff money fit event

Although I didn’t get to 200 calories in 20 minutes I did get my personal best for running ever! I managed 2 miles in around 18 minutes. The best thing is that I’d not been running for ages and to achieve something like that made me so happy. To me, that made the event worth it anyway. I’ve never been able to set a proper personal best before. But I think it was mainly down to my 10k Steps a Day Challenge. Now to make sure that I’m able to keep this up somehow! But it is something I now want to push for and improve as much as possible. So I may not be in the best shape money wise, but at least I know my fitness is doing well!

Next came the bit that I was looking forward to: the smoothie making. I don’t make as many smoothies as I wish that I could. Mainly because fruit is crazy expensive if you want to make a lot of smoothies! One day, I will become a more regular smoothie maker! We had the choice between a veg based “green” smoothie and a fruit based “red” smoothie. I went with the fruit and berries! I struggle to eat veg at the best of times and wanted something that I could really enjoy. This is something that I really want to make again! I’m a little annoyed that I didn’t try to be a little adventurous. But I guess it is something that I will have to push myself to do in future!

The berry smoothies were made with these frozen strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and currants

Whilst we sipped on our smoothies, we asked a couple of the giff gaff representatives what “money fit” really is. I had an inkling that it was about being aware of your finances and I was somewhat right. The entire idea is about how we make sure of our financial records, ie our credit reports. I’m already a member of a few of the more well-known ones (Experian, Clearscore and Noodle). But this is a free report where you can also get tips on how to improve your score. Something I think the majority of us really want. So far, I’ve not noticed anything that I’m not doing. But I think that shows that my mindset is in the best place to help me out. This makes me think that I will be able to achieve one of my goals for this year!

There might be a lot of reasons you want to be money fit. For me, it’s about saving up a mortgage deposit and reducing my debts from university. Because I’d already looked at a couple of credit reports I kinda knew what I needed to do. But I think if I’d already had tips on where to improve, I might be doing a lot better! If you’re interested in what they can do for you, their website might have all the answers. Even if it only helps you to save for one thing, it could be of help!

Pouring the finished berry smoothie into a take away cup

If you have any tips to improve a credit score, or become more money fit, let me know! I am still trying to find ways to improve it each month. But I am not doing as well as I would have hoped!

A picture of the writer drinking the smoothie that has been made at the money fit event
This was such a good drink!

Hasta la fuego

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  1. I don’t think I dare see what my credit score is, but it’s likely low! Looks like it was a good session! 🙂 Tania Michele xx

    1. I was honestly surprised with how well my credit score is looking! It updated today and I must have done something right as it’s increased. I think it’s one of those, of you know what it is you can start to look at ways to improve it!

      Lauren 🙂 x

  2. Twas nice reading along!

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