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A view of the Barrano coast from the balcony of Apollon Club Hotel. This is framed with the bushes and trees growing outside the room, with a view of Sant'angelo port in the far right of the picture. The picture is overlaid with the words Apollon Club Hotel Review

If you remember, back at the start of June I entered an Instagram competition to win a holiday to Sorrento with Jet2. Insomnia the competition and I have just come back from my week away to the isle of Ischia. Don’t worry, I’d not heard of it either! It’s a small island of the coast of Naples. And it looked beautiful. The same can be said of the Apollon Club hotel. It is located on the coast and the photos looked amazing.

Cue our arrival to Apollon Club hotel

We arrived at the start of September, after a really long day and found out that we’d been given an upgrade. Definitely a good start to an already good holiday deal. After a 1km walk from the taxi rank to the hotel, and feeling grimy from our 12 hours of travelling we jumped into the shower. The shower in this room is probably one of the best that I’ve ever had in a hotel. I will actually miss this one from my life.

Also, a curious point to mention. This part of Ischia, in Sant’angelo, follows the original roads that would have been out in place. This means that traditional vehicles are not able to get around, and instead of regular taxis you can get a ride in a golf cart. We never used this for fully travelling between areas, it wasn’t too much of an issue to walk around. But I don’t think I like have wanted to with some of the hills. They were pretty steep!

the shower was my favourite I’ve ever used…

Although the bathroom was rather small, I mean how could anyone use that bidet? Despite the size, it didn’t feel cramped. As I said, the shower was my favourite I’ve ever used. I think it might be due to the way it is built into the floor itself. Plus I loved the little corner I could hide when I was waiting for the water get to the right temperature. Because its built into the floor it meant you didn’t need to worry about flooding! Success! It also didn’t steam the room as much as you’d expect, but I’m not sure if that was because of how warm it was in general.

A portrait photo of the bathroom at the Apollon Club hotel in Sant'angelo, Ischia. The flooring is green with white tiles covering the wall, with turquoises tiles diagonally placed around the middle of the wall, with the shower and sink in clear view.
The most amazing bathroom!

I think my favourite part however was the view from the room. I am going to miss this so much. I’ve always said that if I bought my own place somewhere on the continent that if need it with a view to the sea and at least one balcony so that I can sit out and enjoy the view and the warmth. And that is exactly what I was able to do with this. The view of Sant’angelo port, Capri and Sorrento where the best things to wake up to in a morning. Even more so, when breakfast was also a view of these.

A picture of an early morning from the thermal pools at the Apollon club hotel. Along with a view of the sea, sun loungers and a white metal fence can be seen in the foreground.

The room itself was very standard. We had a double (maybe queen) sized bed and a TV with access to some channels with English on them. The best part was the air conditioning. I don’t know how we would have coped without it. One night we forget to put it on while we slept, and we could tell. Cue a 2am wake up to sweat dripping down my face, not pleasant!

The room that was stayed in during my trip to Ischia. This shows a freshly made double bed with emerald green tiled floors, and a wooden bedside table.

The Food

Now, I didn’t take half as many photos of the food as I should have! But it was amazing! You could tell that the food being used was really fresh and in the case of the fish served, it tasted like it had just come out of the sea. (Side note, I didn’t have the fish dishes but I did try a couple!)

Breakfast was the standard buffet-style food. But that does not mean the quality was neglected. I pretty much had scrambled eggs and bread every day, swiftly followed by yogurt and cake! Before I got to the hotel, I read a review where the person disliked what was on offer for breakfast. I honestly can’t fathom it. Why would you complain about it being the same food every day? Especially when part of it was cake? Who dislikes cake for breakfast?

The Thermal Pools

I feel like the Apollon Club hotel is known for it’s thermal pools. There are plenty of signs around Sant’angleo pointing you in the direction of Aphrodite. I will admit I was nervous for these pools as it was already hot enough out of the water. I didn’t want to get in and feel worse! But I didn’t need to worry.

A landscape shot of the thermal pools. These can be seen with trees and foliage surrounding them.

Each pool had its own name and temperature. What I really liked, was the way the names were based on Greek gods. I know that there was a lot of influence from the Greeks on Italy, pre-Roman conquests, and I feel this was linked in with this. I spent most of my time floating, yes floating, in the Apollon pool. The label for this said it was sea water. As there was no temperature for this, I’m assuming it reflected the actual sea conditions. It was perfect! It was a little chilly to first get into but you soon become adjusted to it.

A view of the name of the Nemesi pool which had temperatures of 32 to 34 degrees Celsius. This pool also doubled up as a jacuzzi

I did also like the Aphrodite pool. This was at 32-34 degrees. It kept me really toasty, but more people spent time in there and I couldn’t do any proper swimming. But it was great to relax in! I would really recommend thermal pools like this as it helped reduce the intensity of the heat. But it also allowed you to relax with ease.

Overall Thoughts

The staff at the hotel were really friendly, and although there may have been a few confusions due to the language barrier, they were able to help where needed.

Although it felt like we were out of the way in Sant’angelo, I am so glad that we were able to visit the Apollon Club hotel. It was quieter and relaxed, despite the many hills to get into the main shopping area. I did originally think that we would be too far away from everything. Even more so when we passed through Casamicciola and Forio on the transfer to the hotel. But it was a good location. It was actually more peaceful and relaxing to be out of the way.

I would note, however, that this isn’t a place to go if you are looking for a cheap holiday! Although not the most expensive place, I paid €13 for one glass of sangria in one of the local bars. More than an entire pitcher in other holiday destinations! Be warned that if you do need to eat food outside of the hotel, it could become costly.

For more information on the hotel, and the jet2 package head to their website for details here.

Now I need to be on the search for my next holiday away! What is on your travel bucket list? I may use it for inspiration!

Hasta la fuego

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