Staying Productive in 2019*

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Heads up guys, this post contains a gifted item (I’ll mark this individually as well) that was sent to me to review. Despite this, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Hopefully, the posts gives you some ideas on staying productive through the rest of 2019. Or at least gives some handy hints!

How The Year Began

The new year started and I felt ready! 2019 was going to be my year. I had a plan, and a goal. A whole list of goals, or resolutions! I bought myself a fancy diary from WHSmiths and I loved the little features in it which I could use to keep me on track. Also, I received an Effici Productivity Planner (gifted) to trial. I felt like I had all the tools I needed to make this year the best it could be.

January went well, I started the year with my January 2019 goals and made sure that I made them link into my overall 2019 goals. And I made sure to plan out my January with the Productivity Planner. I also filled out the daily habit tracker, in the hopes that small daily to do’s would help keep me more on track.

I’m happy to say that January was one of the most productive months I’ve had in a long time. I focused on what I needed to do and made sure that I was paying attention to each of my daily goals, as well as making sure my weekly plans were completed in time. But then I got a little cocky. I thought that I could do it without the help. Was I wrong! February has been less than good for me but it’s made me more determined.

A picture of the Effici Productivity Planner. This planner is used each quarter and allows for time blocking of days, weeks and months.
What Will I Change To Continue Staying Productive Through March?

My new plan of action is to get back to pretty up my diary up with all my planner stickers, and plan out my weeks. I definitely bought £10 worth of stickers that I’ve barely used. The rest of my weekend may be filled with making sure that March is up to date, and I know where I stand.

The next step is to plan out my March in my Effici Planner. With this I have the chance to plan my month, my weeks and my days. This way each micro-step can help me achieve the goals and I plans I have. It is these 3 sub-categories that I think helped me to stay productive throughout January. Using the daily habit tracker will also give me a big push in the right direction!

Don’t get me wrong, the reason my productivity fell by the wayside was because I got a little cocky. But I also felt the Effici planner had more potential than I was using. I’m not a freelancer, and my blog is a hobby with a hint of perks. This planner would be a much more effective tool for someone who’s not in a 9-5 job. It did keep me on track. A lot more on track than when I wasn’t using it. But I don’t think I can get the most from it in my current situation.

A month view of the Effici Productivity Planner.  This shows how I wanted to split my month of January, with the main things I wanted to achieve and by when.
I was productive in January, but I think I may have still been a little over-ambitious.
Is This Something I Will Invest In?

The short answer, maybe. For £20 a quarter I think that it would really help to keep me on track. But I often feel that I need to justify these expenses for thins that don’t bring in a lot of money. Does this mean that I will stop using it? No. I love what I’m able to do with it. And my novel edits are a lot easier to manage.

I will be keeping my eye on this, and maybe in the next few months I will be able to justify the purchase. By that, I’m hoping to have

If you’re interested in the Effici Productivity Planner, or their Daily Habits tracker, please go to Effici Products. For any goal setting diaries? I scoured the shops from September to find something that was right for me! So it may be a little more tricky to recommend. The one I found was in WHSmiths and cost me around £18, which was cheaper than some online options. I’d recommend setting a budget, and then looking within that price range.

Hasta la fuego

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